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Wealth and the Sri Vaishava

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 15:31:38 PDT


Dear Members,

Sriman Srikant Sadagopan brings up an important issue. 

>The community for hundereds of years believed in sharing and passing on VEDIC WEALTH more than anything else.

There is an excellent article written by U.Ve.Sadagopan mama in the Bhakti List archives about pursuit of wealth and the Sri Vaishnava's stand.

For those of you, who are hard pressed for time, adiyen has extracted the quintessential message of a great Narasimha Bhakta. (Credits to U.Ve.Sadagopan mama)
artham anartham BhAvaya nithyam
naasthi tatha: sukhalEsa: satyam 

Please reflect on artham (Wealth/prosperity/sampath)
and anartham (poverty/alakshmi)always. Think about
what they truly are . There wont be even a particle
of "sukham " at the end from both .This is satyam !

Here , this great Nrusimha BahkthA seems to hint 
that the ParamArtham or Parama purushArtham is 
Sriman NaarAyaNA Himself and to perform SaraNAgathi
to Him .

Elsewhere in the same sthOthram , this VedAnthin
gives us the recipe for Paramaartham with the statement:

" Guru CharaNAmbhuja nirbhara Bhakthi " is the route.

Extended persaonal Comments: With deep devotion at 
the lotus feet of your AchAryan and thus getting rid
of the burden of samsAram through Bhara samarpaNam , 
Govindham Bhaja ! NaarAyaNam Smara !
DaamOdharam darsaya ! KrishNam keerthaya !
Maadhavam manasA archaya !Sridharam sEvaya ! 
HrushIkEsam hrudhayE thishtaya! 
You will achieve serenity and contentment 
in the spirit of " pOthumenRa manathE ponn 
seyyum marunthu " in this world  and matchless
nithya kaimkarya Isvaryam (paramArtha prayOjanam)
in the other world .

A Note on the Archives of the Bhakti List:

The Bhakti List Archives have vast amounts of knowledge from the Vedanta covering important topics and their reflectance during present times. Bhaktas are encouraged to browse through the archives.


Best Wishes,

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan,

Malolan Cadambi
He sums up later the observances for deliverance :

"Recite the GitA . Chant the thousand 
names of the Lord ( Sri VishNu SahasranAmam),
meditate ceaselessly on the divine consort of
Sri Mahaa Lakshmi , lead the mind towards
Bhaagavatha sathsangam , give away your
wealth in charity to those in need and 
who are poor and be rid of your bharam( load 
of SamsAram )".

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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