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RE: karma and transmigration- adhuvum avanadhu innaruLE..

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Sep 28 1999 - 19:26:44 PDT


Dear Sri Krishna,
Your narration is quite simple and great in detailing leelas and the mercy 
of the Lord Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan.

Sriman Narayanan's mercy on us is beyond imagination and understaning by us. 
It has to be mulled again and again and enjoyed. The very "human birth", 
with all sense organs, with no disability, with intellect, with an ability 
to discriminate..

All His mercy.. Even with all this, if we think, the sucess, the beuaty of 
our face, the achievemntes of ours, the earnings that we make, the knowldege 
(of this Visishtadvaitham and about Him..) that we possess are all OUR 
PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS.. (which we always do think..) then, where do we go?

Even during those times with our such going astray, He intervenes by sending 
the Greatest AchAryAs' gloris to our ears through various menas, through 
upayasams, Tele upanyasams, bhakti e-mails, through such posts from Krishna 
Kalale, ... and enables us to go to AchAryAs to perfrom what is required to 
for getting way from these sufferings.

His upakaaram (help) is innumerable.

It is He, who jumps to save Vedas, as Lord Hayagrivan...

It is He who jumps to take the Vadavadarai mountain on His back and endure 
for churning the Milk Ocean.

It is He who jumps to save the elephant when it shouted "AdhimoolamE"

It is He who took Rama, KrishnA avtaars not only to kill asurAs, also to 
announce the SaraNagathy tatvam through Sarva dharmaan and SakrdEva..

It is He, still unsatisfied, sends His Nithya sooris as "AzhwArs" with a 
thinking that seeing them as fellow humans, let these Jeevathmas get to know 
the way and the goal. They came and said "sonnaal virOdham idhu; aayinum 
solluvan kENminO.." We didnot listen..

It is He, who sent the Adhiseshan Himeself as Bhagavadh Ramanujaa..

It is He who sent the mixture of both Ramanuja and Himself as Sri Vedantha 

It is He, who sent Sri Vara Vara muni...

It is He who, still keeps sending His delegation, through the present day 
AchAryAs.. to "thirutthi paNikoLLal.."

He never ever stops, for He is the Most Merciful Most Compassinate Lord..

But, all that He wants is a mere step towards Him , mere thinking of His 
DhayaaLa guNam. He is Parama krupaaLu..

It is His grace alone that makes us think even that He is Parama kruppaLu.. 
and take effrots to approach AchAryA.

adhuvum avanadhu innaruLE.. (That is also His grace only..)

Just my loud thinking, Krishna..


Narayana Narayana

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