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Sri Satya kalam And Swamy Desikan

From: Vijay raghavan (
Date: Sun Sep 26 1999 - 23:22:13 PDT

Srimathe Nigamantha Mahadesikaya Nama;
Srimathe  Sri Vedanth Ramanuja Maha Desikaya Nama;
SrimatHe Sri Srinivasa Ramanuja Mahadesikaya Nama;
Srimathe Sri Ranga Ramanuja MahaDesikaya Nama;

Dear Bagavathas
Sri. Mani wrote in his brilliant Bio-graphy of  our Swamy Desikan

'With the invasion of the temple came the need for Desika himself to
leave Srirangam, so he took his family and the sons of Sudarsana Suri
and headed northwest, settling down first in Satyamangalam, in present
day Karnataka'

It is Indeed a n Unique Experince for me when adiyen With Sri Vidwan U Ve 
Thirunagai Veera raghavachar Swamy of Madras visited the Place  Sathya 
Kalam (Shakthimangalam) near Kollegalam of Mysore Dt. on 26th sep1999.  on 
the upper reaches of River Cauveri. This the Place where our Swamy has 
settled down along with his family and the 2 sons of Sri Sudarsana Suri.and 
other bagavathas.

Our swamy Performed Pancha samaskaras to Sri Sudrasana Suri's Kumaras and 
edited the   Srutha Prakasikai , the commentary on sri Bhashya. Also the 
stotra Abheedistava was composed here for the restoration  of Nithyya 
Aradhana of lord Sri Ranganatha at srirangam.

The Unique Sri koormasanam    naturally formed in granite on which Our 
Swamy sat and performed his Nithyanushtanams on the Banks of Cauveri is 
still preserved  and the sme has been installed in Desikar sannidhi. for 
posterity.This is the place where Swamy Desikan 's Archa Vigraham is in a 
standing posture.

Sri Vara dar Sannidhi installed and worshipped by our swamy during  his 
sojourn here is   in utter despair and in crying need of Maintanance. When 
Adiyen along with Vidwan Swamy visited the site no one was around and we 
took the temple keys from the local  Shepherd  (doubling up as watchman) 
and had darshan of the divya Mangala vigraham of our Swamy.We recited the 
Abheedistavam and Vidwan Swamy Narated the events from Sri Desikan's life 
connected with this Place. and we had the sri paduka theertham of our Swamy 

It is my humble request that all our Desikan Bhakthas must visit this 
Unique place during their visit to Karnataka and do our best to preserve it 
for future generations. Visitors may contact the Archagar at Sri 
Madhyarangam  temple in Shivanna samudram village for any assistance for 
their visit  .

Sri Desikan thiruvadigale saranam


Nadathur Vijaya Raghava Dasan