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Re: What is a billion dollars anyway?
Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 18:15:26 PDT

In a message dated 9/17/1999 4:33:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 

<< On this specific point: I have never been to a divya desam
 where members of one kalai was "not permitted" to join the gOshti.
 In Srirangam specifically, while wearing Vadagalai thirumaN
 in 1996, I was invited by a gOshti-kArar to sit and join them
 during nityAnusandhAnam recitation in front of Emberumaanaar's
 sannidhi.  In Tiruvallikkeni, which is as stauch a Thengalai
 kOvil as exists in India, I regularly participate in the gOshti
 with my Vadagalai thirumaN, and no one has taken any issue. >>

Sri Mani's is lucky in having a different experience. I have seen with my own 
eyes how during Panguni Uthram day, Sri Anantha narasimhachariar 
(ex-principal of SIT Trichy) was physically manhandled and driven out with 
harsh words when he attempted to join the Goshti in reciting the Gadhyam by 
some of the tenkalai people. I have myself referred to this incident earlier 
in connection with the discussions on the unity issue.

I believe that this should not, however, deter us from forging unity between 
the kalais here in this country lest we should be the laughing stock of 
non-vaishnava people. The observance of both can be adopted in all other 
temples, wherever there is a concensus on this and is also blessed by the 
Acharyas- all in the interest of forging unity.

But, the case of Sri Ranganatha Temple is totally different. It is not 
because of any hostility towards other sampradayams that the Vadakalai 
Tanians and Sattumurai are followed. It is because of the command of the 44th 
Azhagiyasinghar who was responsible for the construction of the temple and 
who had specified that the temple should follow the Sri Sannidhi Sampradayam. 
As true Sishyas of Azhagiyasinghar, nothing is more sacred to them than the 
command of the Acharya to obeyed in letter and spirit. 

Other than this, the temple is open to all irrespective of kalai. As it is 
the one and only temple without any Devatantara Sambandam, it is the duty and 
privilege of all true Srivaishnavas to put aside petty issues, strengthen the 
hands of Paramaikanti Sarvabhouman, Dr. Venkat and make every effort to make 
the "Srirangam in U.S.A."
a reality with whatever support we are capable of. 

Anbil Ramaswamy