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Periya Thirumozhi 5.6- "meyvaNNam ninaindhavarkku mey ninRa vitthagan"

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Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 03:05:30 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

After listening to the lamenting cries of Parakala Nayaki (through her 
mother), Sri Ranganatha says “AzhwArE! Have I not come to Arangam only for 
you? Don’t cry and suffer. And shows His Sowlabhyam. AzhwAr narrtes all his 
“laabhams” the benefits he has been blessed with; the enjoyment he gets by 
having the darshan of the Lord..

1. Like a young, huge, strong male elephant; like the Dark Blue hued gem 
(Neela maNi) that has His Yoga nithrA on the ocean; the dense dark, greenish 
Maragatham; the One who is praised and proclaimed by Vedas; He is My Swami, 
the One who, by a mere thinking of Him, makes my thoughts so sweet and 
blissful; the One, who, by effortless lifting of the huge mountain, 
protected the cattle from torrential rains; Emperumaan – I have seen Him at 
this most beautiful Divya Desam of Srirangam.

2. The Perumman- who is at ThiruppEr; who is at ThirukkuRungudi; who is 
always at ThirutthaNkaa; who is having His Yoga nithrA at Thirukkarambanoor; 
the One who swallowed the Universe with seven dweepams, with seven 
mountains; with the dark deep seven oceans for protecting the same; and 
unsatisfied, SarvEshawran still wants to continue protecting and saving the 
worlds;- I have seen Him at Srirangam.

3. The One who took the Huge Varaaha avtaar to brought back on His Horn the 
Earth, from troubled waters; who Himself is the Earth and the Skies(as 
Antharyaami); who is always the sweetest nectar (insatiable) in the hearts 
of His devotees; who is the Cowherd Boy KaNNan, rearing the cattle along 
with other boys of Ayar paadi; - I have seen Him at Srirangam.

4. (Read this pAsuram! Very sweet!) The One who has His “aRithuyil” (Yoga 
nithrA) at ThiruppaaRkadal; who, as an infant KaNNan kicked off the wheel 
asuran; who tore open the strong chest of HiraNyan, ferociously unable to 
bear him for troubling His Bhaktha; who measured the whole Universe with His 
feet as a Trivikraman; - I have seen Him at Srirangam.

5. The One who is the waters; the Fire; the Bhoomi; and thus, the 
antharaathmaa of all five elements; - who is Rama, and destroyed rAvaNan’s 
lankA; who is the deep Ocean; who is the Chief of Paramapadham; who 
approves, accepts and eats  (as Agni ) the Havis (Ghee), which is offered in 
Yaagam performed by Brahmins chanting Vedic hymns. – That Lord- I have seen 
Him at Srirangam.

6. The One- who removes the obstacles of anger, et al from devotees and 
increases their desire and love for Him; who killed Kamsan, unable to bear 
the sufferings of His parents imprisoned by Kamsan; who is like “KaRpaka” 
tree, as Parama Udhaarakan;   who ate the worlds o protect during PraLayam; 
who conquered and cut the shoulders of bAnAsuran who had come to fight 
against KaNNan and made Sivan lose heavily (when he came to support the 
asuran angrily ); who has Garuda as His Vaahanam (vehicle); - I have seen 
Him at Srirangam.

7. He – the One who is the Vishayam (Object) of my thoughts always; who 
directs me to have such an intense desire for Him; who is the Consort of 
PiraaTTi, who blesses me with the fruit of thinking of Him; who is standing 
permanently at ThiruvEmkatam and then now in my heart; who lengthened His 
Feet to measure the whole world- Trivkraman of ThirukkOvailoor;- My Swami- I 
have seen Him at Srirangam.

8. The One who does not shower His mercy on the red clothed Bhuddhists 
(monks) for their non-belief in Vedas and to Jains (who are impure); who 
does not help other non-Vedic or wrong Vedic religions; who, by nature is 
most merciful  and most compassionate; who is ever helpful and merciful to 
those who hold on to Him, to relatives and bhandhus of me (who has held on 
to Him), to me, to my father; to my mother; to Nithyasooris; - Such Parama 
upakaarakan- SarvEshawran- I have seen Him at Srirangam.

9. Accharya Bhoothan- the Most wonderful Lord- who shows all His swaroopams, 
in its entirety, without hiding to those devotees, who have no Veshams 
(pretensions), and whose thoughts are always on Him; who chase away their 
desires on sensual pleasures and worldly matters- That Lord of anjana vaNNan 
(dark hued Lord); the One who is of dark black clouds colour;  who is like 
Maragatham colour; - I have seen Him at Srirangam.

10. The One who protected and reared cattle; who is the Swami reclining and 
having his Yoga nithrA at Srirangam (the ornament of the Earth); is the Lord 
about whom this ten is composed. Kaliyan, who is blessed with such grace, 
much to the envy and longing and delight of everyone; is the composer. Those 
who read this ten, will have all karmic diseases run away .

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

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