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Re. Recent Discussions - Clarification

From: Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Sep 21 1999 - 07:11:19 PDT

Dear Shri Kalale:

Thanks for seeking the clarification.  What I am implying is: Amidst the 
teachings and influence of Swamijis Chinmaya and Baba and the like, it takes 
time for people to realise the true import of preventing anya devatA 
worship.  In my experience, the over-emphasis of this point has only proved 
counter-productive.  Sometimes this is emphasized to the point that this is 
the only thing that Sri Vaishnavism cares about.

I think there are activities like observing EkAdasi Vratam, performing 
Sandhyavandanam and bhaghavat arAdhanam, avoiding eating outside, wearing 
urdhvapundram, willingness to do service (physically), attending temple 
programs, reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam daily - that should be encouraged, 
emphasized and appreciated for someone to be worthy of being called a Sri 
Vaishnavan.   These activities will not only help one in his day-to-day 
living but also gradually lead him to a great sadachArya and his confusions 
will automatically go.

I must also add that most of the net members and quite a few in India do 
observe these things and they appreciate the philosophy of "NarAyananE 
namakkE parai tharuvAn".  However, this section forms only a miniscule, if 
you  consider the vast populace of Sri VaishnavAs.  We need to carry the 
majority along if we want to make our own life simple and this may require 
some restraint on our part to de-emphasize a few things that turn them away 
and emphasize those that they would appreciate all within the framework of 
Sri Vaishnavism.

I think our Sri Ranganatha Temple project at POMONA as conceived by Shri 
Venkat  represents the "IDEAL" and will stand as a beacon light for our 
future generations.   It reflects the aspirations and goals of our acahryAs. 
  Eventually, the entire population of Sri VaishnavAs in the USA will begin 
to appreciate this treasure in the Western hemisphere.  I must add that it 
has the whole-hearted support of all Sri VaishnavAs living in the greater 
Buffalo area.


Buffalo, NY

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