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Re: Re. Recent Discussions
Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 22:10:21 PDT

   Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

   While I appreciate Sri.Vijayaragavan's concern for amiability   between
   Both kalais of our sampradayam,
   I wish to point out some of his observations, which seems to me to be
   very wild and would result in
   Affecting our very sampradayam.

   I am a Tenkali Srivaishnava by practice and as per my Acharya lineage, I
   have great reverence for Vadakalai sampradayam not just because part of
   my family members are followers of  Vadakalai but also due to the fact
   that I learned some Swami Vedanthacharys?s Works  and always pray  him
   while thinking of my Acharya paramparai as one of  my the acharyas.

   (this  is the true position of most of the tenkalais who respect Swami
   Desikan as an Acharya who saved our samopradayam in crucial time from
   Advaitis and other people. (Remember Satadhusini episode, srirangam koil
   episode etc..) in  many of our Tenkali temples Sri Desikan sanndathi is
   existing Swami  adoring Tenkali thirunamam. We should attempt to know
   the history of the events before passing any judgements.

   Sri.Vijaya Ragavan was advocating that we should start practicing
   sathumarai of both kalais in every temple and only such temples deserve
   any donation.

   This is a very serious issue and any judgements on above lines are
   highly debatable.
   May be we are passing judgements because we are materially comfortable
   and Ernest and Old people come to us for donations for any kaimkaryams
   back at home.

   At first let me say that we are not any great people to make any
   amendments in the Nitya kramam of any temple. It is better to leave the
   Nitya kamams as it is and focus on building personal relationships among
   Srivaishnavas irresectivce of kalai differences and teach our children
   to respect all Sri vaishnava Elders.

   We should remember that Sri Emberumarar had more than 60 important
   acharyas and as the sampradaym had toflourish only thorough the Acharya
   lineage, there bound to be differences in the Nitya krama practices from
   one lineage to other. How many are we going to change?

    As a person who had dwelled in divyadesams many years,  sometimes I
   feel that it is better for one to feel about their own sampradayams . at
   least it makes them to come forward and do kaimkaryams . In their later
   part of their life such young ones will get maturity and understand the
   real perspective of Kimkaryam.

   Donating only to those temples where dual sathumarai is followed is not
   tenable. The tamil word (ISAI) means that there is some level of
   congruence in recital. (isainthu)

   I suggest some one to listen to those temples where both sathumrai is
   recited. I am sure that it would not be a good recital. I have witnessed
   it in places like Melkote , Bangalore etc..

   One would immediately decide that either one should be practiced so that
   it could be  a good recital. If such is the feeling of  our mundane ear,
   think of Emperuman who is witnessing all this daily.  How badly He would

   There are really many Srivaishnava temples which needs not just money
   and also physical work, time etc, people like us should not see which
   sampradayam is followed and who is raising funds and insist them to
   change their methodology of worship for donation.

   In the light of our Emberumanar, we should protect those temples only on
   the lines of sastras and sampradaysms which are followed since ages.



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