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Appeal for funds for various temples in India
Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 16:25:34 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas

I have been thinking and discussing with quite a few about the need to 
support the causes in India. I have received as many as 120 appeals from the 
most dilapidated to the most flourishing temples each seeking assistance from 
overseas contributors. 

One stark example is that of Tooppul, the very AvatAra sthalam of Swami 
Desika. When I went there sometime ago, for performing Asidra Aswamedha 
ParayaNam, I was shocked to see the utter ruins it was in, what with trees 
stemming out from the Gopuram right above the Sannidhi where the idol is 
consecrated. And, we swear by Swami Desika's name all the time. What are we 
doing to rescue all this? I told the Bhakta who made the appeal. to approach 
Azhagiyasinghar, explain to him the situation and pray to him to intervene 
and do something because our Acharya is now engaged in renovation of temples.

In another instance, the moolavar of one of the Divya Desams around Kanchi 
was lying 'unsung, unwept and unhonored' on the side of a tank that was 
itself half dry. When enquired, the locals told me that the idol had become 
In some Divyadesams, the moolavar is found missing! What a pity! 

And, we know the vagaries and scams indulged those in power in the Government!

Also, I understand that in the past 50 years or so, so far as my memory goes, 
there have not been any dearth of attempts to renovate temples that are in 
shambles. There has also not been any dearth of donors from here and locally 
in India. Numerous trusts had been formed sporadically and collections made 
from time to time. Still, we find that these temples on behalf of which funds 
were collected remain the same, worse still, have been facing steady 

The obvious conclusion is that there has been no coordinated efforts, no kind 
of audit to ensure whether the moneys raised were spent for the purposes for 
which they were collected.

If we should deserve calling ourselves Srivaishnavas, our duty first and 
foremost would be to attend to these cases that are in crying need for help. 
It is equally important that a mechanism should be devised and a watchful 
infrastructure put in place for strict audit BEFORE making donations.

We can then help those that are relatively more affluent than these.

My two cents worth!

Anbil Ramaswamy