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Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 15:48:42 PDT

(An Introduction) 

Dear Bhagavatas
It gives me great pleasure to present -
BASED ON the lines of a rare kriti with the same title published by Srimad 
Andavan, Poundarika puram Swami Ashramam, Srirangam on the occasion of the 
724th Tirunakshatram of Swami Vedanta Desikan on 17th October 1991, I have 
COMPOSED this StOtra. 

The copy of this StOtra that came into my hands originally is in Devanagari, 
but printed in Tamil script. The print was badly smudged and faded and 
therefore, not quite readable. I had, therefore, to figure out the words with 
reference to the phonetics, make suitable additions and modifications where 
nothing could be made out, transliterate and present with a translation in 
English, together with explanatory notes (where needed) - all to the best of 
my ability and understanding.  

If it turns out good enough, it is due to the grace of my AchArya and all 
errors of commission and omission are entirely mine and I crave your 
indulgence in forgiving me. 

This was written for presentation during Swami Desika's Tirunakshatram 
celebrations at Sri Ranganatha Temple, New York.

Anbil Ramaswamy
SrimAn vEnkaTa nAthArya kavi thArkika kEsari/
VEdAntAchArya vaeyO mey sannidhthAm sadhA hridhi //
Part 1

1. jayatyakhila durvAdhi thimirouka diwAkara /
Sritha thApa prasamanah trayyanthArya sudhAkara//
Hail the brilliant Sun who dispels the darkness of the entire world !
Hail the subduer of the pangs of those who take refuge in him, 
the one who is the master of the nectarine Vedantas//

2. jaya jaya mahAdesika/ nigamAntha desika//
Hail the great preceptor/ the preceptor of Vedantas//

3. ViswAlankAra viswAmitra pavitra gOtra kalasOdhadhi Kousthubha /
Hail the gem adorning the universe, the gem that arose from the 
illustrious and immaculate Viswamitra gotra/

4. vEnkatEsa vimala ghaNTAvatAra/
Hail the incarnation of the spotless bell of Lord Venkateswara/

5. anantha sadrusa anantha gunAkarAnanda guru nandana/
Hail the beloved master who became the beloved of his master through 
his innumerable auspicious qualities equal to those of his master

6. sObhana charita/ sulOchanOthama /
thothArambA lOchana chakOra chandra//
Oh! You shine with illustrious character; 
You have bewitching eyes; 
Like the moon to the eyes of the Chakora bird that feeds on moonlight, 
You are a feast to the eyes of your dear mother, Thotharamba /

7. bahu mukha magha thOshitha pundareekAksha soori 
punya phala bhootha/
You were born as the fruit of accumulated punya of PundareekAksha
soori who earned the pleasure of Pundareekaksha by performing innumerable 
yAgas and yagnas/

8. vatsa kula thilaka varadAchArya veekshita/
You obtained the benign graceful glance of Vatsya Varada guru, 
the greatest among the doyens of Vatsyakula/

9. brahma vid pravara AnanthArya vihitha brahmOpadEsa/
You received due brahmopadesam from Anantarya who belongs to the 
'pravara' of those who have really understood the 'Brahman'

10. vAdhi hamsa mAthula rAmAnujArya sakAsa labda sakala 
vEda vEdAnga tharka meemAmsA sabda vEdAnta sAstra jAtha /
You learned all the Vedas, Vedaangas, Tharka, MimAmsa, Sabda, 
VedAnta and SAstras having gained the proximity of your maternal uncle, 
the noble "VAadhi hamsa RAmAnuja"

11. vimsthy abda visrutha nAnA vidha vidhya/
You mastered all that is there to learn in the various Vidyas 
within 20 years of age/

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