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nAcciyAr tirumozhi X - kArkkODal pUkkAL 1

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 13:55:11 PDT

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam

             nAcciyAr tirumozhi X - kArkkODal pUkkAL
        pASuram 10.1 (tenth tirumozhi - pAsuram 1 kArkkODal pUkkAL)

      kAndaL malargaLE! kaDal vaNNan enguRRAn?

kArkkODal pUkkAL kArkkaDal vaNNan em mEl ummaip
 pOrkkOlam Seidu pOra viDuttavan enguRRAn?
ArkkO ini nAm pUSal iDuvadu aNi tuzhAit
tArkkODum ne`njam tannai paDaikka vallEn andO

A. Meaning from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

Oh dark-hued kArkkODal flowers! Where is my kaNNan
who has the hue of the dark ocean, and who is aiming you
at me as if you are all His warheads, by making you remind
me of Him with your dark color.  Where will I go and complain
about this atrocious crime that He commits?  What is the way out
for me since I keep losing myself pining over His
sugandha tuLasi mAlai?

B. Additional thoughts (from SrI PVP ):

kArkkODal pUkkAL: The word kAr can mean the
rainy season, the black color, or the greatness or
hugeness of something.  When it is taken to mean the
dark color, the phrase can refer to the dark hue of the kAndaL
flowers. The dark hue of the flowers are reminding godai of His
tirumeni, and so they are torturing her by their color.
If the word is taken to mean kAr kAlam-rainy season, the
phrase can be taken to refer to the kAr kAlam in which
kaNNan was supposed to come back to godai, or the kAndaL
flowers that have flowered in the rainy season.
If kAr is taken to refer to the size, the reference is
to the huge kAndaL flowers.

pOrkkOlam Seidu pOra viDuttavan:  Since the flowers are
reminding her of Him whichever way one looks at it,
godai now thinks that He has made them only to make
her feel miserable when she is separated from Him.
Conventionally, it is said that the purpose of giving
life to the beings in this world is so that they can
be devoted to Him and thus attain moksham.  ANDAL is
beginning to feel that He created everything
in this world so that they can torture her in every
possible way.  Just as the whole rAkshasa kulam became
rAmapirAn's enemy after He got separated from sItai,
the flowers, peacocks and cuckoos all became
godai's enemies when she was separated from her emperumAn.
Wherever godai looks, there are only things that torture
her more and more.   At least in the case  of the
clouds that tortured her (viNNIla mElAppu-nAcciyAr
tirumozhi 8), there was a chance that they might disappear
being blown away by winds. But, these flowers do not
disappear anywhere and are present everywhere.

pUkkAL:  By their physical nature, the flowers are soft;
but their behavior towards ANDAL is quite contrary to
this nature of these flowers, and they are rough and
rude on her instead, and are cruelly torturing her.

kArk-kaDal vaNNan:  He has the dark hue like that of
the Ocean.  He can assume whatever hue He wants;  why
did He choose this one in particular?  Just as He
created by His own free will objects like the
kArk-kODal flowers to torture Her, ANDAL feels that
He assumed this beautiful dark-hued tirumeni also by His
own free will just to torture her.

em mEl:  By nature, I am a naturally soft woman and
I have become so thin because of separation from Him;
I cannot even bear His coming and hugging me; I am that

ummai:  Oh Flowers!  You bear the color that seems
to be intended purely for torturing me by reminding me
of Him constantly!  You are not soft like me; you are so
strong that you are capable of bringing me back to
life first from my dead state by showing me His hue, and then
torturing me by reminding me constantly of Him.

pOrkkOlam Seidu: Just as rAmapirAn decorated lakshmaNan
with the outfit for war prior to sending him to kill
indrajit, emperumAn seems to have decorated these flowers to
torture her and finish her off. cakravarti tirumagan sent
people to destroy those who separated Him from His lover;
this kaNNan seems to be dressing up these flowers to
destroy His own lover.

Seidu:  Emphasizes the Creator aspect of bhagavAn;  He
is the One who created everything including these flowers
and gave them their attributes such as their beautiful
hue that reminds godai of Him constantly.
       kRshNa eva hi lokAnAm utpattirapi cApyayah     |
       kRshNasya hi kRte bhUtam idam viSvam carAcaram  ||
BhAra. SabhA.  38.23.

  kRshNa is the One who is the Creator, Protector and
Destroyer of this Universe;  all things that move and don't
move are created for His pleasure.

pOra viDuttavan: Thinking that these flowers are not fast
enough in destroying her, godai feels that He is standing
behind them and goading them to be faster. When kings
attack their enemies' forts, if their warriors fail to
fell those forts, they will send their paraphernalia
like umbrella, cAmaram etc. to the battle front and instill
encouragement in their warriors to succeed in the battle and
fell the enemies' forts.  Similarly, as an encouragement to
these flowers to destroy her fast, He seems to have given
His hue to them. If He didn't create these flowers to torture
her, He could have at least stopped them from appearing in
her sight!

e`nguRRAn:  Where is He?.  Why is godai asking this question
to the flowers?  Because she suspects that He is standing
behind them and goading them.  Their strength and power in
torturing her clearly indicate to her that these flowers
are not alone in their action, and are backed by some
power much stronger than them.  When vAli heard the
loud noise made by sugrIva backed by rAma, he immediately
realized that sugrIva's voice was not cowardly as it used
to be before.   This indicated to him right away that
sugrIva has someone to back him up, and he came out hoping
to meet someone that can be a match to him.
Godai could similarly guess that someone is behind these
flowers in their act of destroying her.

Why is she asking them where He is, when she knows He is
out to destroy her?   Her secret wish is that if they are
anyway going to destroy her, she will at least get to see
Him once before she gets destroyed by these flowers.  And if
she sees Him, her desire gets fulfilled. If she dies after
she sees Him, His desire also gets fulfilled.

Why is godai asking the acetana vastu where He is? godai
hopes that they might respond to her question feeling sorry for
her pitiable state.  Is this ever heard of, namely, someone
addressing the acetana vastu and asking questions like this?
In rAmAyaNam AraNya kANDam 49-32, sIta prays to godAvari
river to please tell rAma that rAvaNa is taking her -

hamsakAraNDavAkIRNAm  vande godAvarIm nadIm |
kshipram rAmAya Samsa tvam sItAm harati rAvaNah ||

ArkkO ini nAm pUSal iDuvadu: The flowers are not responding.
She does not realize that the flowers are not equipped to
respond to her query. She thinks that the reason why they
are not responding is because they are on His side.  He
created them and they are not in her favor.
They are also slaves of His like she is, and they could
have helped and cooperated with her, but this is not
happening.  Now, who else can she go to and complain?

aNi tuzhAit tArkkODum ne`njam tannai paDaikka vallEn
andO: ANDAL wonders aloud:  While He and these flowers which
are His creations and belongings team together to destroy
me,  my mind which belongs to me could cooperate with me
in defending me.  But alas! It just melts away in pursuit
of Him and runs after the tiruttuzhAi mAlai that He wears on
His tirumEni.

ne`njam tanniap paDaikka vallEn -  It is my sin that I
have the manas-mind that runs after Him like this
when He does not care for me.  At least I could have got
a body that does not house this kind of manas but then
again, I am the one who did the karma that ended up with this
body so this again is sadly my own creation.

andO:   He is not for me; His Greatness and Glory are
not for me; Even I am not for myself; I am such a
sinner that even my mind is not for myself; there is no
one to even look at me and say alas, saying
thus, godai ends up self-pitying ayyO.

C. Additional thoughts from SrI PBA:

Not only are all things that are created by His Glory
not supporting godai, but even her own self, her own
mind is not helping her; instead, it is going after
Him unceasingly.  emperumAN's separation from godai
is intolerable to her; yet, her mind runs only towards
bhagavad vishayam; that is the aRuLic ceyal of godai
in this pASuram.

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.

kalyANi kRshNamAcAri

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