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Re: What is a billion dollars anyway?

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Sep 16 1999 - 18:53:53 PDT

Dear Sri RanganAtha BhakthAs :

A companion posting from Sri Venakt Kanumalla
to my earlier posting will be of interest to you
to appreciate the gravity of the situation and how
close we are to the finish line and yet how far we are 
away from the same finish line.

Please help and see the completion of 
the home for our Lord of Srirangam in USA .

AdiyEn, V.Sadagopan 

This Note is from Sri Venkat Kanumalla:  
>My dear devotees of Sri Ranganatha, Pranamas.

>It is indeed very gratyfying to see a Sri ranganaatha
BhakthAs' posting attached to Sri SadagOpan's note.
>Yes, we need at least $800,000= to complete the project and open Sri 
>Ranganatha Temple to you all latest by may-July 2000.

>So far we have taken personal loans from devotees to a total of $125,000=  
>In addition, to come-up with the remaining $800,000= needed to complete the 
>project, 4 devotees are taking a second mortgage on their houses, $100,000= 
>each and are lending the money to the Temple and another 4 devotees are 
>taking a second mortgage of $50,000= each and lending that money to complete 
>the Temple.  Out of personal privacy I cannot provide their names, but 
>cannot thank them enough for their commitment to complete this Temple.  But 
>still, I want express my deep gratitude to these devotees, RJ of NJ, RJ of 
>VT, CS of NY and VK of NY for promising to lend $100,000= each, and to
>MA of NY, PP of NJ, DP of TN and RK of TX for promising to lend $50,000= 
>My sincere request to you all is: Please help us with the remaining 
>$200,000= needed to complete this Great SriVaishnava Temple, so dear to us 
>all and to that great Mahan 44th Jeer Swamy of our Sri Ahobila Mutt.  Some 
>of you promised in the past and I request you to kindly donate generously to 
>complete this glorious Temple of Sri Ranganatha.

>If you need more details, please do not hesitate to call me at 304-424-2745 
>during office hours, or at 304-424-6405 at weekday evenings or at 
>914-627-6716 on weekends.

>adiyen, venkat kanumalla.