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Periya Thirumozhi- 5.5- maRavaadhu eppozhudhum maayavanE! MadhavanE! enginraaL..

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Date: Thu Sep 16 1999 - 03:32:28 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Bhagawaan Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan stays at Srirangam only for 
protecting us. AzhwArs longs to perform kaimkaryam to Him. Nothing happens 
and it does not materialise. He gets into the NayikA Bhavam, and becomes 
Parakala Nayaki. The mother (of Parakalanayaki)’s bursting out is this ten.
She says : I am not able to her unite with PerumAL; nor am I able to 
alleviate her sufferings. What can I do? What is my use of being a mother?”

1. My darling daugher, who should not be saying this (to me- the mother). 
Yet, she has no fear or shyness; She babbles shouting, ” VenkatamE! 
VenkatamE!”. Oh no.. she does not even lie down on my lap.. She is suffering 
so much.. Her darting, spear like beautiful eyes, have lost their sleep. 
That Lord- who has the dark beautiful ThirumEni, like that of black bee, the 
dark clouds,- that Chief of Nithyars, the Greatest One, the Consort of 
Periya PiraaTTi- How can I think of the damage (?) He has done to this girl! 
(means: It is much more than what I can even think of)

2. My girl says : My waist is not able to hold my dress; my golden bangles 
fall off from my wrists; What shall I do! Will He not like me? Won’t He?”. 
The Lord who has Thirumeyyam, as His place. The One who is the Chief of 
Nithyasooris, the One who aimed the arrows through seven trees  (in Rama 
avtaar), The Chakravartthi Thirumagan, - How can I think of the deeds He has 
done to her!

3. My daugher who has the deer like eyes, - Her present state is: all her 
bangles fall off; Her large bright eyes are welled with tears and the tears 
are rolling down the soft cheeks ceaselessly. She always talks of the 
greatness and fragrance of thuLasi maalai that adorns the broad Divine Chest 
of The Lord and she forgets to sleep. Look at this pitiable condition of 
hers. The Lord- who stays at the forest (to rear the cattle during KaNNan 
avtaar), the One who stole the curd, ghee and butter from the cowherd folks’ 
homes, the darling son of Nandhan, - Oh mothers!, the way He has captured my 
darling- I simply am not able to comprehend.

4. She is not listening to this poor mother’s advice even. She is not 
joining her peers and friends also. She does not apply sandal paste on her 
large, tender breasts. “She always keeps asking “Where is my Swami’s 
Srirangam?” Oh young girls! The Lord- who sucked the devil woman’s 
(Poothanai’s) breasts and finished her off; the One who swallowed the Earth 
during PraLaya kaalam, (the large stomach Lord- Peru vayiRRan- because He 
could have the big Earth in It..) the One who is Sarva Vyapakan, Sarva 
Shakthan, - the damage He has done to her- how am I able to tell all to you!

5. My darling girl is not applying sandal on her body. She is not applying 
“Kaajal” (Collyrium?) (mai) on her large fish like eye lids. She does not 
even think of anything else (but Him) as the pastime. (enna adhirshtam..- 
How mucky is this girl!) “Where is Srirangam wherein the Lord who is my 
Upakaarakan stays?” asks she. The Divine Consort of Periya PiraaTTi (staying 
in fresh Lotus flower), the Cowhed Boy, who came to everyone’s delight (for 
us to enjoy Him) – The Pari poorNan- the Purushan (He is the Only Male..) 
(AaN maganaaay) – I am not able to comprehend the deeds He has done to my 
darling; Oh mothers!

6. My girl weeps and exhausts herself crying “Oh … Hmmmm… He is not giving 
me the Vanamaalai..” Look at this pitiable state of hers. If I try to 
distract her by uttering some other statement, she comes back to Srirangam.. 
saying  “SarvEshwaran stays there at Srirangam”. The Sriya: Pathi, The 
dancer (with the pot); the One who killed Madhu kaitapar (two asurAs as Lord 
Hayagrivan..) – The One who went as the messenger for Paandavaas; That 
Swami- all that he has done to her- How can I express!

7. She is not thinking of (worried about) the colour changing (getting pale) 
of her young breasts. All that she thinks and contemplates is: only the 
Primordial Chief- His name. Her mother (who gave birth to such a girl!)_ 
what shall I tell! That Lord- who has the garland only for saving us; the 
One who is at the cool Thirukkudanthai, the One drove the chariot for 
Paandavaas in the battle filed; KaNNan- all damage He has done to her- How 
can I express!

8. Is there absolutely no relative (for her) to tell and advise her good 
things? “ -like that people are blaming me.. Oh no.. But, she at all times, 
without never ever forgetting Him, is thinking of the Emperumaan alone and 
tells “Accharya BhoothanE! ThirumaalE! MaadhavanE! MaayvanE! “. This Lord- 
(PiRavaadha pEraaLan- who has the greatest Name that can remove the birth 
cycle (of those who utter His names) the One who does such damage to young 
women (like my daughter); the One who is merciful and compassionate to 
Nithyars, the One who rules the Earth; - all that he has done to her- How 
can I tell! (PiRavaadha PeraaLan- there is also another meaning: the One who 
has no births like us..)

9.  This young girl (of playful age) is not looking for dice 
(pallaanguzhi..); She does not feed milk to the parrots; She does not play 
with toys; (Barbie..) All that she says is : “Sri RanganAthan is not coming; 
Alas! Am I going to perish?”. She does not even know that her bangles are 
falling off from her wrists.. SarvEshwaran- SaamavEdha Geethan- The One who 
knows the meaning of Vedas; the One who does Homam in five types of Agnis 
(fires), (i.e. anushtana mayan- the One who stands as an example for the 
world to carry out their karmas) ; the One who is proclaimed by and is the 
essence of Taitthriya Upanishad; - all that He knows; - Oh mothers! But He 
does not know my darling’s state of sufferings languishing for Him.

10. The mother of that large fish like eyed girl, tells her daughter’s 
suffering and languishing for Thiruvarngatthu ammaan , who has His Yoga 
nithrA there in this ten. This ten is narrated in this manner by Nam 
Kaliyan. Those who recite this ten (with their meanings), will rule the 
world as great kings and then reach Paramapadhm blissfully.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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