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irAppatthu at Sri Rangam, USA

From: Sampath Rengarajan (srengara_at_HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: Thu Sep 16 1999 - 10:01:13 PDT

Sri Lakshmi nrisimha parabrahmaNE nama:
Sri Ramanujaya nama:
Sri VedanthaguravE nama:
SrimadhAthivaN satakOpa yatindra mahadesiakaya nama:
Srimate srivan satakOpa sri vedanthadesika yatindra
mahadesiakaya nama:
Srimate sri lakshmisrisimha divya paduka sevaka
srivan satakOpa sri narayana yatindra mahadesiakaya nama:

irAppatthu at Sri Rangam (USA) in front of Sri Ranganatha

We are happy to announce plans for irAppaththu celebration
at Sri Rangam of North America, the one and only authentic
Sri Vaishnava temple (the only temple  that  doesn't  have
any presence of any kind of dEvathAndhram  in it) in  this

"Pagal patthu" and "irAp paththu" celebrations sandwiching
Sri  Vaikunta  EkAdasi  is  one   of  the  most  important
festivities in Sri Rangam.  The  ten  days  preceding  Sri
Vaikunta EkAdasi are called "Pagal Paththu" and ten nights
that follow are called "irAppatthu". During "irAappaththu"
recitation of dhivya prabhandham  in  front  of  Lord  Sri
Ranganatha at Sri Rangam is very special.

For  the  first  time  we  are  planning to replicate this
experience  at  the  one  and only authentic Sri Vaishnava
temple in north American, Sri Ranganatha temple at Pomona,
NY, the Sri Rangam of North America.

The  utsavam  will span over ten days starting on December
19th, Sri Vaikunta EkAdasi day.   Due  to work commitments
many  in  the  U.S./Canada may  be able attend the utsavam
only during the long weekend starting December 24th.

Therefore, recitation of ThiruvAymozhi and other paasurams
about Sri Rangam will be recited in the traditional  style
during the weekend, i.e. between  December  24th and 26th.
Sri NammAzvAr mOksham will  also be celebrated on December

In addition, pArAyaNam  of  other  prabhandhams  including
the entire corpus of Sri  Desika Prabhandham will be  done
during the 10 day period starting from December 19th.

We  already  have  commitment  from the several bhAgavthAs
from various parts of the US.  A partial list follows.

* NJ Dhivya Prabhandha Goths
  (including, Srimans. Vijayaraghavan, Shyam, Vekatanathan
   Gopaul Lakshmanan, Ragavan, etc.)
* Sri Anbil Ramaswami
* Sri V. Sadagopan
* Sri Raghavan Rajaji and family
* Sri. C.N. Krishnaswami and family (**)
* Sri Murali Rangaswami
* Sri P. Dileepan and family
* Sri Jagan Bharadwaj and family
* Sri Sampath Rengarajan and family
* Sri. Kesavan Srinivasan and family
* Sri. Ramaswami of Maryland
* Sri Laksmikumar
* Sri Deepak Rajasekaran

We  invite  all  SriVaishnavas  to  take advantage of this
unique opportunity  to   participate  in  Thiru adhyAyaNam
right in front of Sri Ranganatha. If We  do not  celebrate
Sri Vaikunda EkAdasi and Sri adyOyaNa sEvai, ThiruvAymozhi
pArAyanam for Sri RanganAtha who else we can do it for? If
not in Sri Rangam (of USA), where else? If not for our Sri
Ranganatha for whom else?

Please  note, for those from out of town, all arrangements
for stay, food, local transportation,  sight  seeing trips
for young adults to NY city, some child  care  during  the
pArAyaNam, etc. will be arranged.

     Please  Send   an   email   to   Sri  V.Sadagopan  at
(  or  to  Sri Sampath Rengarajan   at 
(  or  call  Sri. Sampath  Rengarajan (734-936-3756)  
and  confirm  your attendance ASAP.

thiruvadhyOyaNa sEvA committee, 1999

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam

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