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Long live email satsangh

From: Sunil C. Karandikar (
Date: Thu Sep 16 1999 - 07:24:50 PDT

sri lakshmi narasimha parabrahmane namaha:

Dear devotees of sriman Narayana,

namo narayana. adiyen's pranamams.

adiyen had been to india and the trip to the mother land after a gap of
three years
was very refreshing and it was indeed memorable. adiyen was fortunate to
various divya desams esp in and around chennai. Most importantly, adiyen,
adiyen's wife, little daughter and aged parents were performed prapatti at
holy feet of  Srimad azhagiya singer at Thiruvahendrapuram  where HH is
camping for chatur masyam. We excluding adiyen's parents also underwent

Srimad Azhagiya singer gave upadesam for more than forty minutes explaning
glories of prapatti with lot of lowkeka examples and this day is the most
day in adiyen's life. Sri Anand's father Sri K G Krishnan has provided all
the help
that is required and he was kind enough to accompany us to
and introduce to Srimad azhagiya singer. No words can express our gratitude
for all their help.

Finally, it is this email satsangh that has helped adiyen to understand the
glories of
our srivaishnava sampradayam and guided us to perform prapatti. Although
as a srivaishnava adiyen was ignorant of our sampradayam, and without the
scholarly articles in net by by various regular contributors adiyen would
not have
known about prapatti. Special mention is required about sri Anand for
clarifying adiyen's doubts privately and his samasrayanam article was the
eye opener.

As prapannas we have visited Tirupathi, Kumbakonam,oppiliappan koil,
Thirunindravur,Thiruneermalai and other divya desams in and around chennai.
Although adiyen had been to most of the temples earlier, but this time the
was different. We have throughly enjoyed the perumal and having darshan of
perumal with a thought of azhvar's/acharya's anubhavam makes all the

Thanks for your patient reading. This innovative form of email satsangh is
very effective and let it long live and  guide the ignorant souls to became
prapannas to do eternal kaimkaryam to sriman Narayana at srivaikuntam.

Azhagiya singer thiruvadikale saranam.

adiyen dasan,

venkataraghava dasan,