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Garuda Jayanthi

From: sudha parthasarathy (
Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 06:32:08 PDT

Last evening , I had the privilege of attending the Thirumanjanam of our 
Lord Peirya Thiruvadi at the Sri Lakshmi Temple in Boston. I was told that 
yesterday was Garuda panchami / Garuda Jayanthi by the priests in the 
temple. It indeed was a magnificient sight to witness Pakshirajan in all his 
glory. I was told by the priest that , generally Garudar is always in front 
of Perumal in all temples and is "ugram". ( Kindly pardon my language. I do 
not have literary skills like the renowed members of the group). However, I 
was informed that only in the Lakshmi temple he is in front of Thayar and is 
a Shantha Swaroopi. Can any members of the group throw more light on this?

The Garuda Jayanthi concluded by the recital of Garuda Dhandakam and 

I also remember, last year Sri Murlaidhar Swamin, had written a great 
article our Lord Pakshirajan.

The errors in this mail are solely mine. I request the learned members of 
the group to correct me if in error.


Jayakrishna Vijayaraghavan.

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