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Re: Periya Thirumozhi 5.4- AzhwArE! I am here at Srirangam (PomoNA)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Sep 11 1999 - 07:15:12 PDT

Dear Sri MadhavakkaNNan :

You have moved on from ThiruveLlarai
to Srirangam very smoothly .

There is one incident in AchArya RaamAnujA's
life that will be relevant here .

Once the unacceptble behavior of the temple
adminstrators of Srirangam and the jealousy-driven 
incidents there made AchArya RaamAnujA to leave Srirangam 
for ThiruveLLarai .There he stayed for a significant time 
and worshipped the ArchA Murthys of Thriuvellarai,
while pining for the SevA of Sri RanganAthan .Sri Govindarajan
of Canada  created a home page for Thirvellarai 
to highlight the places touched by AchArya 
RaamAnujA's sacred feet  including the Udayavar 
KuLam , where he had his anushtAnams .Today,
ThiruveLLarai is a part of the Srirangam 
DevasthAanam and more tourists are visiting 
ThiruveLLarai . 

Coming back to the main point , AchArya RaamAnujA used to
do PrathakshiNam in the inner prAkAram and stop before
a stone window with openings , which gave a direct 
view of the river Cauveri and the Majestic Gopurams 
of Sri Ranganaathan and have Gopura Dearsanam from
the distance , while he was on his self-imposed exile
at ThiruveLlarai . That window is still there . On a clear
day , you can stand before that window, place the dust 
of AchArya RaamAnujA and other Sri VaishNavite AchAryAs 
associated with this sthalam ( described inthe web pages )
and have the darsanam of Srirangam Gopurams .

with sathsangha praNAmams ,
V. Sadagopan   

At 03:15 AM 9/9/99 PDT, you wrote:
>Dearest Sisters and Brothers,
>>AzhwAr in the last ten pleaded to Lord of ThiruveLLaRai "Please shower Your 
>>grace and have mercy on me". The Lord now replies "Why are you lamenting? Am 
>>I not blessing you? To shower my grace alone, I am here at Srirangam" and 
>>shows Himself to AzhwAr there. AzhwAr gets extremely thrilled and bursts out 
>>with a lovely ten enjoying his anubhavams on Lord of Thiruvarangam , Sri 
>>RanganAtha PerumAL.