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Periya Thirumozhi 5.4- AzhwArE! I am here at Srirangam (PomoNA)

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 03:15:57 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr in the last ten pleaded to Lord of ThiruveLLaRai “Please shower Your 
grace and have mercy on me”. The Lord now replies “Why are you lamenting? Am 
I not blessing you? To shower my grace alone, I am here at Srirangam” and 
shows Himself to AzhwAr there. AzhwAr gets extremely thrilled and bursts out 
with a lovely ten enjoying his anubhavams on Lord of Thiruvarangam , Sri 
RanganAtha PerumAL.

(The same Lord now tells us, “Why are you all lamenting? I am here at 
Pomona, only for you. Come and be blessed… “)

1. Thiruvarangam Divya Desam is so beautiful and is surrounded by the river 
Cauvery, which is full of clear waters, running with such heavy currents due 
to which it even brings along the sandal tree branches, the gem stones etc.. 
(They say) the Lord, the Chief of Nithyasooris, the Master of my ancestors 
and mine, the one who has swallowed the whole Universe, and all worlds 
(during praLayam), the One who created the four faced Brahma in His Navel, 
stays here in this sthalam as Sri Ranganathan.

2. The Lord, who had reclined on the little Banyan leaf eating the whole 
earth during PraLayam and had His Yoga nithrA; who is the Greatest and Sarva 
shakthan; Sarvagnan; who has Rathna kreetam (crown) on His Beautiful Head; 
who has ThiruvananthAzhwAn as His Bed, is here at Srirangam Divya Desam, 
where the river cauvery river waters carry along with it, the mixture of the 
fragrant flowers (that adorned the beautiful spiritual womenfolk of 
Srirangam) and .the sandal paste that was applied on them.

3. The most beautiful Thiruvarangam Divya Desam is surrounded by the river 
that runs to all fertile fields wherein the bees merrily hum, and gardens 
spreading fragrance everywhere. (They say) the Lord, who that day, stooped 
Himself so low as a small dwarf, in Vaamana avtaar, and went begging Bhali 
in his yaagham, (for the sake of Devas) to get back the Universe.. He got 
the argyam waters form Bhali in His palms; He is the One who has the Divine 
ChakrAyudham on His resplendent hand; He stays here at this sthalam as Sri 

4. Ramapiraan, who has the divine bow in His large Hand, the bow that was 
bent to destroy the entire lankA of strong rAvaNan, (who fought vigorously 
with his sword), stays here in this sthalam of Srirangam, in which the 
wealthy river Cauvery brings along with it, the elephants’ tusks, the sandal 
woods, etc..

5. Srirangam Divya Desam, which is surrounded by ramparts that are as bright 
as reddish gold- is sought even by Brahmaadhi Devas and all seven worlds for 
paying obeisance to the Lord of this sthalam, who is none other than the 
Veera Sree, Chakravartthi Thirumagan, the Most Beautiful Sri Raman, the One 
who aimed ferociously the arrow at the strong rAvaNan (the husband of 
MaNdOdhari), and made him reach the heaven (Vira Swargam).

6. KaNNan, the One who sucked the life of that cruel devilish rAkshasi, 
Poothanai, (who had appeared in disgise as the most beautiful YashOdhA like 
motherly figure to kill the infant KaNNan), is here at Srirangam Divya 
Desam, where the wavy Cauvery waters enter even the banana gardens, and 
bring along with it, the whole trees with its swift currents.

7. SarvEshwaran, the One who has the most strongest lustrous ChakrAyudham; 
the One who effortlessly (as an infant Kutti KaNNan) had kicked the asurA 
(who had come in as a wheel, sakatAsuran), who killed ChaaNoora mushtikan, 
who kicked the chest of kamsan, is here at Srirangam, where there is smoke 
(that emanates from the Yaaghams performed by Brahmins-Vedic scholars) 
spreading everywhere fragrance and where the buildings appear to even touch 
the skies.

8. The Lord, who appeared as Varaaham, Masthsyam, the Tortoise (Koormam), 
Narasingam, Vaamanan and then appeared as a PoorNa avtaar of Lord Raman, as 
the Chakravartthi Thirumagan, is here at Srirangam, in which the 
Nithyasooris (of Paramapadham) and the earthly people, jointly come in to 
pay their obeisance (as a mixture of the honey and milk).

9. SarvEshawran, Sarva vyApakan, Sarva Shakthan, the One who is not 
accessible to even Brahmaadhi Devas, the One who enters even the minutest 
particles, the One who is the Greatest Primordial Chief, is here (with such 
a sowlabhyam) at Srirangam (and now at PomonA), which is surrounded by gold 
like ramparts and clear Cauvery waters (that bring along with it, the pearls 
that drop form the bamboo)

10. Alli maadhar amrum Thirumaabhan arangatthai… This ten, written by the 
king of Thirumangai, Kaliyan, is on Srirangam where the Lord Ranganthan (who 
has in His most beautiful divine Chest, the Periya PiraaTTi, born of Lotus 
flower, the most beautiful Sri Ranganayaki), resides permanently. Those who 
recite them (or read these meanings) will be blessed with: living and 
enjoying the stay and anubhavam of Srirangam on this earth, and after 
leaving this body, ruling the Paramapadhgam (means get the support of those 
at Paramapadham)

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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