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Discussion on Pursuit of Meterial Wealth

From: Venk Nagarajan (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 08:59:24 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,
Namo nArAyaNA.

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About a month ago we had a long discussion on the pursuit of material
wealth; 20 or more posts were submitted on the topic.  I submit, today, 
the following four verses, from the Manu Smriti, which deal with this topic
in a thorough yet efficient manner (i.e., in a terse but exhaustive
and lucid manner.)  


Chapter 2 verse 94
" Desire is never extinguished by enjoyment of desired objects; it only
grows stronger like the fire fed with clarified butter."

Verse 96

" Those organs which are strongly attached to sensual pleasure cannot be
effectually restrained by abstinence from enjoyments as by a constant
pursuit of true knowledge."

Verse 97

" Neither the study of the vedas nor liberality, nor sacrifices, nor any 
self-imposed restraint, nor austerities, even procure the attainment of
rewards to a man whose heart is contaminated with sensuality."

Verse 98

A brahmana who completely governs himself, though he knows the savitri
only, is better than he knows the three vedas but does not control
himself, eats all sorts of food, and sells all sorts of goods.

ramanuja dasan,
Venkat (Venkat Nagarajan)