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Sri Nainacharyar's PiLLai Anthaadhi: 11-20

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 00:39:15 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

The second set covering the verses from 11 to 20 of Pillai anthaaddhi is 
here for your enjoyment.

11. I will not flatter and praise the worldly people to sky high; as 
KaRpakam, etc.. I will also not stand on top of the mountain and perform 
thapas. Oh Thooppul PiLLaiyE! Please bless this adiyEn. That is what I crave 
and just long for.

12. My mind is full of darkness and anjnAnam. I am in darkness. Oh Vedanta 
DesikA!.. I tend to discard the traditional paths, as put forth by our 
Poorva AchAryars. I know no other means and ways to follow but hold Your 
Feet, seeking Your kataaksham. You alone can see me through.

13.  I have no jnAnam. I donít claim even. I have no knowledge /capacity to 
perform Karma, jnAna and Bhakti Yogam. I am not inclined towards sanyasam. 
Even easy saraNAgathi is beyond my reach. Oh Lord of Thooppul! I have just 
come to Your Feet! Your grace is the only route to attain the Goal.

14  I donít bend myself to Your Feet even. I am not devoted sincerely to 
Your disciples even though they are all around me. I donít know as to what I 
need to do and what can I do now (with so many apacharams), but to pray in 
this condition of mine, and hope for Your merciful glance. That will make me 
more worthy. Will you please bless me?

15. unnaru LanRi yenakkoru naRRuNai yinmaiyinaa
lenniru valvinai neeyE vilakki yidhangaruthi
manniya naRRiru mandhira mOdhum poruNilaiyE
ponnaru Laalaru Laaypugazh thooppuR kulaviLakkE.

Oh Shining Chief of Thoppul! I stand here before You. Please help to remove 
and evil and good deeds and their actions/fruits. I donít know what is in 
store for me for my future. Please bless me to understand the meaning of 
Thiru ashtAksharam which will lead me to Parabhakti, ParajnAnam and Parama 

16.  Oh Thooppul PiLLaiyE! Please bless me to have intense Bhakti towards 
ThiruvEmkatamudiayaan, who most lovingly had Periya PiraaTTi AlarmEl Mangai 
Thaayar in His Chest, (born of Lotus flower); Please also bless me to have 
most purest thoughts and devotion towards The Bhagawathas who have intense 
bhakti to towards the Sriya: Pathi.

17. Oh My Saviour! My protector! Who sat at the Feet of AppuLLaar! (Chief of 
Kidambhi lineage). Oh Thpooul Pillai, who had the grace of AppuLLaarís 
grace! Who had learnt from him, the essence and meanings of Sanskrit and 
Tamil Vedas! Oh Perfect great genius! We pray for Your grace and kattaksham!

18. Oh Lord of Thooppul! Oh Most Merciful, most affectionate, and kind 
AchAryA, full of grace! Oh Great Poet! And master of all languages! Oh Most 
handsome Vedatha DesikA! I am here praying to You with folded hands, palms 
glued to each other, asking You ďMay my mind ever be filled with bhakti 
towards the Bhagawathas at Your Feet!Ē.

19. The Bhagawathas- at Your Feet, who enjoy being at Your Feet,- May Those 
Feet of Yours long live! May Your smiling face and Your Pristinely pure face 
long live.! May Your kind hand long live! Oh shining jewel of Thooppul! May 
that Oordhva puNdram (ThirumaN) on Your lustrous face long live! May that 
most beauiotiful immaculate Form with Sacred thread (PooNool) long live!

20. vadivazha kaarndhavaN tooppulvaL Lanmen malaradimE
ladiyava rOthavan^ dhaathi yirupadhu maayndhuraiththEn
Ridamuda Nneedhaith thinandhoRu maadharith thOdhumanbar
mudiyidai nEr_padun^ thooppulam maanpadha maamalarE.

May Your Most Beautiful Form long live in the hearts of million Bhagawathas 
(at Your Feet) I composed these slOkas with bhakti and great humility so 
that those who read these slOkas (or their meanings) will meditate His 
(Swami Desikaís) name and remember His graceful Form, bend their heads at 
His Lotus Feet, (which are always in my heart and on my head)

SimadhE Nigamaantha MahAdhEsikaaya nama:

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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