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Re: Vibhava lokas

From: Parthasarathy Srinivasan (
Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 04:03:42 PDT


Dear Sri Mani:

Thanks for clarifying my doubts regarding dharma-bhUta-jnana and

>Sri P.Srinivasan wrote:

>> ... does the mukta directly perceive the
>> swarupa (essential substantive nature) of Bhagavan 
>> (apart from his rupa)?

Sri Mani wrote:
>Yes -- because without perception of these qualities 
>one would hardly recognize God as God.

I have a simple question nagging me here: If jnana and Ananda are
qualities (or attributes) of Bhagavan, what is He in substance?
Attributes describe a substance, but are not the substance. If the 5
svarUpa-nirUpaka-dharmas are attributes, what is He in substance? In
visishtadvaita, is He substantively jnAna (unlimited consciousness)?

P.S: I ask these doubts not to raise any arguments or enter into dry
philosophical debates but to clearly know Him Whom we love.


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