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Re: Satyabhaamaa

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Sep 06 1999 - 17:25:49 PDT

Dear Sri Venkataraman :

At 04:15 PM 9/5/99 +0800, you wrote:
>I am grateful for the information that Satysbhaamaa is 
>considered an avataara of Bhuumaa devi.Is there  any 
reference to her in puraaNas other than Srimad
>Bhaagavatam, or in tamil prabhandams?

The largest set of references related to 
SatyabhAmA are in Srimadh Bhaagavatham.
Here is one outside the PurANAs :

KrishNa Upanishad distinct from GopAla 
Uttara Taapini Upanishad gives the connection 
of KrishNA to the people associated with Him ,
which is some what interesting & imaginative 
allegory :

" Transcendent Knowledge was His adoptive mother,
YasOdhA; PraNavam was His mother, Devaki ;The sacred
verses of the scriptures were the cows and 
the cowherdesses;BrahmA became His staff 
used for grazing cows ; RudrA was His flute;
the Rishis were thre trees ;AdhisEshA became 
BalarAmA;the 16,108 maidens (who played the game
of Love with Him ) are the verses of the scripture 
which describe the nature of His immensity;
Kindness became RohiNi(the Mother of BalarAmA);
peace of mind was KuchElA;Truth ws Akrura; 
self-control was Uddhava;


The references to SatyabhAmA in Srimadh BhAgavatham 
are at the following sections:

Canto I.9.25-30: Marriage to SatyabhAmA
and bringing the PaarijAthA tree to Dhwaaraka 
for her .

Canto I.26.32-37: "Conceited " SatyabhAmA being
unable to resist the charms of the Lord .

Canto X.56.33-45 : Marriage of SathyabhAmA to KrishNA

Canto X.59.9-10 : Slaying ofNarakAsura in SatyabhAmA's company.

Canto X.59.39-40: PaarijAthA Tree abharaNam for SathyabhAmA

Canto X.61:Ten sons of SathyabhAmA

Canto X.83: Droupathi's Question to SatyabhAmA.

These are the places , where SatyabhAmA as the consort 
of Sri KrishNA is mentioned in Srimadh BhAgavatham.