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Sri Nainacharyar's Pillai anthaadhi- slOkAs 1-10

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Sep 06 1999 - 02:55:27 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Further to the introductory post on Pillai anthaadhi, let us enjoy the first 
ten slOkAs of this beautiful sthOthram written by Sri Nainacharyar (son of 
Swami Desikan) on his AchAryan, Sri Vedantha Desikan.

1. The Feet of Thooppul PiLLai (Swami Desikan) lie on my head. He extols the 
illustrious Sri Ramanuja, who had spent his whole life blissfully at the 
Lotus Feet of MaaRan NammAzhwAr), who, in turn had worn on his head always 
the Lotus Feet of the Lord (in whose chest stays or resides the Divine 
Goddess MahAlakshmi…

2. The Lotus Feet of Thoopul thalaivan (Master), - will They adorn our 
heads? Will our eyes be with joyful tears? Oh worldly people! Will our 
paapams be destroyed? Will we get a taste of SrivaikunTam in this life (by 
wearing the Lotus Feet of AchAryan)?

3. The whole of ours is not of any use, if we don’t sing in praise of 
Thooppul PiLLai, who spread the message of Sri Ramanuja, the greatest 
AchArya Saarvabhoumar, who had in tun taught us the inner meaning and 
correct interpretation of sruthis.. and explained the path to attain 

4. Let us have in our minds the greatest truths and doctrines taught and 
explained by that greatest soul (Thooppul PiLLai), following the footsteps 
of Sri Ramanuja.. , keeping and enjoying the Most beautiful Form of 
PeraruLaaLan Varadan, who appeared in Utthara Veedhi, with Periya PiraaTTi, 
PerundhEvi Thaayaar on His Chest.

5. anRiv vulaginai yaakki yarumporu Noolviritthu
ninRuthan NneeLpugazh vEngada maamalai mEviyumpin
venRip pugazhtthiru vEngada naadha Nnenunguruvaay
ninRu nigazhndhumaN mEninRa nOyga davirtthananE

Our AchAryan is none other than a human form of the Lord of Seven Hills. He 
took this form to remove the sorrows of people. Those days, The Lord had 
created the worlds. Then He gave the world all the saastras. But all that 
didn’t help. He came as the Lord of Thirumala to take us all..

6. I am tied (married) to his path. As I utter the greatness and guNAs
of my AchAryan, who is competent and quire well versed in each
and every art, who is a master of Vedas, who is born in thooppul,
called “ Venkata Nathan”. His arguments and words the
opponents away. When I actually think and meditate on Him, I see
the end of my paapams completely.

7. Oh Paaapams! Go somewhere else! You can not stay anymore here
at my place. I will not bear any more your stunts and I won’t
yield to your temptations. Because my mind now is filled with
thoughts of Thooppul Pillai, who followed the teachings of
Sri Ramanujacharya. I have no fear now.

8. In this transitory life, transient world, you all crave to live, Oh 
worldly people! Do you not know that this life is just a stone’s throw away 
from the fearful hell? Listen to me.. Note my words.. Pay attention! I will 
now tell you all the means to get rid of all this sinful life, once for 
all..  Offer yourself and your obeisance  to the Lotus Feet of Thooppul 
Vedanta Desika.

9. Paapams of any kind will go away if one chooses the devotee
of Sri Ramanujacharya, Sri Vedanta Desika, born at Thooppul, as his AchArya 
with utmost greatest humility, obeisance. Such a person, will be blessed to 
be stuck to the traditional values and strict discipline in anushtanams; 
have care and concern for every living jIvAthmA; bad companies and darkness 
will be dispelled.

10.  adaipavar theevinai maaRRi yarudarun^ thooppulaiya
vidar_tharu mippiRa vikkada Ranni lamizhndhavennaik
kadaiyaRap paasaNG kazhaRRin^in RaaLiNai kaaNUmvaNNa
mudaiyava NnEyaru LaayuNarn^ dhaar_thangaL kaRpagamE.

Oh Most graceful Thooppul AchAryA! Here we are surrendering at Your Feet. We 
are drowning in the ocean of samsaaram. Pulled by pleasures and desires. 
Please remove our sins and save us. Please immerse us in your coolest rain 
of dayA and mercy. Show us Your Feet, Oh KaRpaka maramE (tree!)Keep us there 
for ever and ever!


Swami Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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