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Sri ANDAL thirukovil Mahasamprokshanam

From: Venkat Iyengar S. (
Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 07:46:49 PDT

      Sri Godha samEtha Sri Vadamahadama Swamine Nama:


As the avatara sthalam of Bhoomi Devi(ANDAL) ,the birthplace of
Pallandu Padiya PERIYAZHWAR and home to one of the 108 divya desams,
Srivilliputtur with it's three fold importance has a unique place
among the Divya Desams.The two Thirukovils at Srivilliputtur-
The Nachiar(Andal) Thirukovil and the Perumal(Vatapatrasayi) kovil
command the devotion of all the Asthikas.Verses from Periyazhwar's
Thirupallandu and Nachiar's Thiruppavai reverberate at all Srivaishnava
gatherings around the world

                        These two temples are believed to be more
than 10 centuries old.They were initially patronized by the Pandiya
Kings and later by the Naicker Kings who contributed a lot to the
upkeep and devolopment of these temples

                      The Nachiar(Andal) Thirukovil has rare color
paintings and artistic shilpas on stone.The kannadi arai where
Sri Andal used to look at her reflection after wearing the garland
meant for Periyaperumal can be seen at this temple.This temple
is initially said to have been built by PERIYAZHWAR and later
by the pandiya kings.The Divya mangala Vigraham of Sri Andal here 
has a special significance as it is said to have been conscreated 
and installed by PERIYAZHWAR.

                       The Vatapatrasayi temple complex houses
the Thiruthuzaay mandapam(Periyazhwar's garden) where Sri Andal
appeared in this world under  a Basil shrub.The garden
is still there with a well on the right side.A sannidhi for Sri
Andal is also there.There is a big Sannidhi for Periyazhwar near
the gopuram.A Special feature of the Vatapatrasayi perumal Sannidhi
is that all the Pancha aayudhams of Perumal can be seen here in their
original forms.

                       The Thiruppani (renovation) works have been
planned on a large scale and are currently in progress for the  
Mahasamprokshanam.Some of the important works among them are for the 
Thiruppavai Vimanam(Nachiar ThiruKovil),Nachiar kovil 
Mahamandapam,Vahanams,Nachiar kovil outer prakaram,Nachiar kovil small 
gopuram,Vatapatrasayi kovil Moolasthanam,Periyazhwar ,Udayavar and 
Nammazhwar sannidhi.The Mahasamprokshanam has been Scheduled for 
10 FEB,2000 (Thai 27th)
                       The last Samprokshanam was performed in the
year 1946 for the Vatapatrasayi temple and in 1970 for the Andal
Temple.The total expenditure for the thiruppani(renovation) works
and Mahasamprokshanam next year is estimated to touch 1.5 crore.   
                     Please do contribute your might for this
Sacred Renovation work and Mahasamprokshanam of Sri Andal and 
Vatapatrasayi temples and be blessed by the grace and paripoorna 
anugraham of Vatapatrasayi perumal,Andal and Rangamannar.


Donations/Contributions can be made by a CHEQUE or a DEMAND DRAFT

IN FAVOUR OF: "The Secretary and treasurer of Thiruppani committee"

PAYABLE: through the State bank of India OR Canara bank OR Indian bank
         at Srivilliputtur Branch (virdhunagar district)

AND CAN BE :  The Secretary and Treasurer
SENT TO       Sri Andal Temple Renovation Committee
              Arulmigu Nachiar (Andal) Temple
              SRIVILLIPUTTUR 626125
              Virdhunagar Dist      

TAX EXEMPTION: Donations for the Renovation are exempt under Section
               88(6) of the Income Tax Act 1961

for futher clarifications or any questions you may contact:

              The Executive officer
              Nachiar Thirukovil Devasthanam
              Srivilliputtur 626125
              phone: 04563-63165

The information on the thiruppani works and Mahasamprokshanam will
also be available at the Srivilliputtur website(
NB: Donor's can email the particulars reg their donations to me
so that in case of any difficulty regarding obtaining the receipts
for your contributions,i can assist you in getting them

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan
Venkat S Iyengar