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Sri Krishna Jayanthi

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Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 06:38:07 PDT


SrimatE Gopaladesika MahadesikAya Namaha,

Dear Sriman Madhavakannan Swamin,

Thank you very much for blessing us with a crisp note containing the
conversation between Yashoda Piratti and Lord KrishNa for this most
sacred day of Sri Krishna Jayanthi. Please permit Adiyen to add the
following observations
from the salient points of the Gopala Vimshati Upanyasams of Our
Acharya Sarvabhouman, Srimad Andavan Swami of Srimad Poundarikapuram

H.H. remarks that the word Krishna itself has special significance
since it
is formed from

Ka: denoting the fact that He is Sriya: Pathi (inseparable from Sri)
Ra: denoting that He is none other than Lord Rama incarnating again.
Sh: denoting that He is the embodiment of the Shad KalyaNa GuNas
(Jnana, Bala,
Aishwarya, Shakti, Tejas, and Vatsalya)
Na: denoting that He is Bhagavan Nrusimha personified
A: denoting His Nara-Narayana aspect

H.H. provided an elaborate explanation of the all-pervasiveness of the
from the Nrusimha Avataram, wherein he quoted the Bhagavatam verse
Vidhatum Nija Bhrutya Bhashitam Vyaptim cha BhutEshu AkhilEshu

H.H. discussed the birth of Lord KrishNa through the salutation
Sambhavam DhAma" and offered a beautiful explanation for the
succinctness of
Swami Desikan's tribute. H.H. stated "Swami Desikan was deeply
engrossed in
the enjoyment of Lord Krishna. He was ever mindful of the fact that
had sent out Asuras to seek and destroy all the children born in the
month of
Sravan. Out of concern for the Lord, Swami Desikan decided to be very
in announcing the Lord's birth details." The salutation "Vaijayanthi
ViBhushaNam" was again very eloquently discussed by Our Acharya

The significance of the Gopala Mantram is then beautifully presented by
in discussing the salutation "VarNa TrikONa RuchirE". H.H. extolled
Desikan's mastery over Mantra Shastram and prayogams. Unique insights
the geometric form of the Gopala Yantram are provided.

H.H. provided a consummately elaborate enjoyment of the Navaneeta
Natyam by Swami Desikan. The churning of yoghurt, the sound emanating
from this churning,
the rythymic beats accompanying the churning are all delightfully
by H.H. H.H. refers to the Sankalpa Suryodayam salutation "Abheera
in the context of the Navaneeta Natyam. H.H. then asked the question
did Lord Krishna steal the butter?" and proceeded to answer it as "In
Vamana Avataram, the Lord approached Mahabali, who was an emperor.
begging for 3 paces of land was entirely appropriate. Whereas the
of Ayarpadi are common folk. Is it appropirate for the emperor of the 3
to seek alms from them? Therefore, the Lord decided to take law into
His own
hands! A second reason for this act was to demonstrate his Soulabhyam."

H.H. provided marvellous explanations for the salutations "Antima
PrayAnE" and
"Anjalim YachamAna:". Other items of importance included Swami
enjoyment of the VeNu naadam and the Panchajanyam of Lord Krishna.

will post the details as soon as the Upanyasam tapes are available for

On this most sacred day may Lord KrishNa bless us all.

BrahmaNyO DevakIputrO BrahmaNyO Madhusudhana:

Namo Narayana,


SriMuralidhara Dasan

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