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Periya Thirumozhi 5.3- nin adimaiyai aruL enakku.

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 23:39:48 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Thirumangai AzhwAr longs to perform kaimkaryam at Emperumaan's Lotus Feet. 
He prays to the Lord PundarIkaakshan of ThiruveLLaRai for removal of all 
obstacles for that kaimkaryam.

1. Oh SwamI! the One who is at ThiruveLLaRai, where the gentle breeze enters 
and blooms the jasmine flowers and spreads the fragrance everywhere along 
the corridors of tall buildings! The Chief of Devas, who had the Parasu 
Ayudham that destroyed the kings of 21 generations (in Parasurama avtaar)! 
Please bless me and show me the means to hold Your lustrous ever shining 
Lotus Feet.

2. Oh SwamI! the One who is at ThiruveLLaRai, which is surrounded by most 
beautiful gardens, from which fragrance spreads everywhere! You appeared as 
Hayagrivan and gave back the Veda saasthras, when Brahma (born from Your 
Navel) lost those blemishless aparushEya Vedas.. Oh Hayagrivaa! Please show 
mercy on me ..

3.  Oh Swami of ThiruveLLarai, which is full of most charming ponds, with 
lots of lotus flowers, and where the beautiful fishes jump in and out 
playfully, where fragrance spreads all over from those lotus flowers! Oh 
Lord, who has the most strongest Ayudham of Your sharp nails, when You tore 
open the strongest chest of hiraNyan and killed him, who had terrorised the 
whole world, with his ill intentions and powers.. Please have mercy on me ..

4. Oh Swami of ThiruveLLaRai, where cuckoos eat the tender leaves of mango 
trees and due to which the taste in their mouths is a bit different which 
they get changed by drinking the honey from eating the nearby jack fruits..! 
Oh Lord who had enabled Pandavas get back their kingdom by killing their 
enemies in the battle filed! Oh Lord who is at ThiruvEmakatam! Please grant 
me bhakti towards You..

5. The mullai creeper in the forest has grown as tall as sugar cane plants 
and smiles (as if).. The bees drink the honey from them at ThiruveLLaRai.. 
Oh Swami of that beautiful ThiruveLLaRai! When the large darting eyed, 
beautiful Divine Consort BhUmi PiraaTTi, was in troubled waters, You took 
the HUGE Varaaha mUrthy avtaar and saved her by bringing her back.. (on Your 
horn..) Please have mercy on me..

6.  Oh Lord of ThiruveLLaRai, where the male bees go as high as the tall 
huge building looking for honey to give their female counterparts.. ! Oh The 
Lord who, in order to give the Nectar (amudham) to Devas, took the huge 
Tortoise (Kurma) avtaar, and enabled Devas churn..! Oh KaraNa bhUthanE! 
Please grant me to perfrom kaimkaryam at Your Lotus Feet!

7.  Oh Lord of ThiruveLLaRai, in which the bees sing after drinking honey 
from the lotus flowers, between the green, beautiful leaves! Oh Ramaa! the 
One who effortlessly made the ten heads and ten crowns of rAvaNan fall on 
the ground! Please have mercy on me!

8.  Oh Lord of ThiruveLLaRai, where the bees sing thenna, thenna in side the 
thick dense gardens of mango and thaazhai trees! Once, when the whole world 
was full of darkness, the saptha dweepams, ignorance of jnAnam, The Lord 
appeared as Hamsam (Swan), when prayed by Brahma and other Devas, and taught 
Vedas.. Oh Such greatest Most merciful Lord! Please have mercy on me..!

9. Oh Lord who is there at ThiruveLLaRai, where the cuckoos coo with their 
sweet voices seeing the playful and joyful bees loitering on the red flowers 
of Ashoka trees! Oh Greatest Most wonderful Lord who begged for the whole 
Universe in a yaagham performed by Bhali! ACcharya bhUthA! Please bless me, 
who is desirous of paying obeisance to you always!

10.  This ten is about the Divine, insatiable Nectar, the Jagadh kaaraNan, 
(The Cause of the Universe), the Most Beautiful Lord, (Anjana vaNNan), the 
One who is always eternally staying at ThiruveLLaRai. The composer is 
Kaliyan, who fights with his sharp spear to chase away his enemies. Those 
who read them (or these meanings) will be blessed and supported by Nithya 
sooris and be the kings of Devas even. Sure!

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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