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Sri Krishna Jayanthi - YashOdhA- Kutti KaNNAn dialogue

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 00:36:41 PDT


Dear devotees of Sri Krishna,

On this day of Sri Jayanthi (the Birthday of Sri Krishna), let us enjoy the 
Kutti KaNNan's lovely dialogue with His Most fortunate Mother YashOdhai..

Scene: YashOdha in her kitchen (or at thaazhwaaram), churns the big pot full 
of curd.. (in dilute form) to get the veNNai (Butter) from it.. The huge 
ball of white butter after lots of churning floats on the top of the 

The large eyed beuatiful YashOdhai PiraaTTi concentrates on the churning 
act.. and here comes our little darling Kuttti KaNNan, the lovely, charming 
KaNNan, chubby Boy with dark tresses falling on His shining large crescent 
like forhead, the short stout legs, with toe anklets making tingling sound 
approaches the Mother from behind and hugs her neck tightly..

PeriyAzhwAr enjoys.. Kuttan vandhu ennai PuRam pulguvaan.. Govindhan ennai 
PuRam pulguvaan..

YashOdha smiles and knows whatHe is upto..

She asks... ennadaa.. Chellam? (What's up? My darling?)
KaNNan: ennamma paNNaRE? (What are you doing, maa?
YashOdhA: ......... (Silent.. If she says "veNNai", he will ask for it.. 
Already, He has been eating a lot (also stealing a lot..)
KaNNan (again asks): adhu ennamma perisaa.. roundaaa. (What is that, maa? 
Big spherical one..? (He wants that ball of butter)
YashOdhA: (smiles within herself.. this little rascal is just for that..) 
That one.. you know, KaNNA! is a huge raakshasan.. asuran.. (Devil). So, you 
fisrt go away from here. He will bite you.. I will chase him away first and 
then call you.. Go Go..

KaNNan (simles now within Himself.. ammA! naan Sarvagnan.. enakka 
theriyaadhu.? (I am the Omniscient Lord.. Don't I know that you are lying?) 
).. ammA! I took this avtaar ONLY for killing asurAs and rAkhasaas.. You can 
not chase him.. I will handle him.. I will simply eat him in one gulp and 
swallow him.. You go away..(Our  Kutti is so smart...! !)

YashOdhA gives up.. smiles.. hugs Him back, brings Him to the front and 
kisses Him on His sweet cheeks, and gives Him the huge ball of VeNNai... 
(thollai inbhatthu iRuthiyai Deiva nangai YashOdhai PeRRaaLE!)

adadaa! May that Kutti, mischeivous KaNNan bless us as He does always..

Sarvam Sri KrishNARpaNamasthu..

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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