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Re: resolution of Sri Jayanti dates

From: Gopan (
Date: Tue Aug 31 1999 - 11:10:54 PDT

Dear Mani :
Your analysis is absolutely right . The tradition of
observing SudhdAshtami in Sri Jayanthi NirNayam
is the reason for the selection of Sep 3
for celebrating Sri Jayanthi . The latest Nrusimha PriyA
issue states Sep 3 as the date for celebration of
Sri Jayanthi by Sri matam , Munithrayam and
Paancha Raathram (Koil ) .

These were the reasons for me to revise the date from
Sep 2 that I mentioned in the original note to September 3
in my last note.
I have copied Sriman Poondi Vijayaraghavan ,
and Sriman Nadadur Madhavan , the  disciples of
Sri Srirangam PeriyANdavan to consult the Aasramam
and let us know .I have also sent a note to Sriman
V.N.Venakatanathan , a senior disciple of Poundarikapuram
ANdavan Aasramam to let us know what date they are observing .

For myself , I am going to stay with Friday , September 3
forthe celebratioin this year .

Mani Varadarajan wrote:

> Dear Maama,
> >From my Kannada Panchangam (sampath krishna joshiar), mannAr Sri Jayanti
> is listed as September 2, and thozhappar Sri Jayanti is listed as September 3.
> I believe mannAr corresponds to munitrayam, as Gopala Desikan
> refers to mannAr svAmi as an authority in Sri Jayanti Nirnayam.
> Thozhappar if I am not mistaken is Vaidika Saarvabhaumar, the
> authority for Ahobila Matham.
> If you look at the timings (IST), the night of the 3rd is
> actually navami, whereas the night of the 2nd is ashTami/rohini.
> In fact, rohini ends before night starts on the 3rd, but
> Ahobila Matham and Pancaratra probably observe it on the 3rd
> because of the suddha-ashTami rule (i.e., no saptami should
> be there).
> On my calendar page, I originally had Sept 3 as the universal
> Sri Jayanti date, but I was recently informed that the Srirangam Andavan
> Ashramam panchangam listed the munitrayam date as being September 2nd.
> Any clarification would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mani