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Adaikkala Patthu

From: L. Vijayaraman (
Date: Tue Sep 29 1998 - 11:49:42 PDT

Sriman Narayana

Dear Paramaikantis,

adiyen upon going through Swamy Desikan's Adaikkalapatthu, encountered the 
following doubt:

He says "patthi mudalamavatril padhi yenakku KUdamal".

As the words are coined it gives an impression that our Acharya analysed 
and tried the Bakthi Yogam first and decided for Prapatthi.  Also, the 
third stanza reads as "mutthitaru nagarezhil mukkiyamam kachchi thannil". 
In this he seems to be saying 7 places for Moksha where Kanchi is 
important. But this seems to be contradictory to his rahasya grantham 
"Srimad Rahasyatraya Saram - Sthana Vishesadikaram".

Please forgive me to interpret in this way but adiyen simply wanted to know 
what could be the Swamy's Tiruvullam when he composed this.

We know the order of Tamil Vedam nAlayira divya prabhandam from Swamy's 
Prabhanda saram (15). Is there any order for DEsika prabhandam? adiyen can 
recall on sevakalam we start with Adaikkalapatthu and end with 
Prabhandasaram & pillaiyandathi. Is this the way Swamy could have composed?