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Re:Bhakti and Prapatti-4

From: Madhavakkannan V (srivaishnavan_at_HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: Mon Sep 28 1998 - 17:25:33 PDT


Dearest Sri Mani,

You wrote:

>I think if one insists unreasonably on "perfect" prapatti,
the very saulabhyam of the Lord gets undermined, and one
approaches the very thought of prapatti itself with fear.
it is very true! But it is not unreasonable; We shall pray to Emperumaan 
to bless us with mental frame up and sadAchAryan's grace so that with 
His grace we can perform our "prapatthi"; But the intention, attempt, 
(and our failures due to karmic bhandham ) are all very well understood 
by Emperumaan. As you said, He is so compassionate and solwlabhyan, that 
He is ever ready, if only there is a "sincere" effort (be it of any 
magnitude) done with a complete unflinching faith in Him (satnding 
example is : VibhIshaNan.-

Sri Anand wrote: 
>    The fourth type of prapatti is the BhAgavatha Nishta wherein
>    a learned Sri VaishnavA (bhAgavathA) performs prapatti on one's 

You wrote: 

>Is this mentioned by Desika or any other pUrvAcArya? This seems
against the spirit of the Vedas and consequently the AcAryas' writings.
Swami Desikan in "Adaikkalappatthu" prabhandham no: 6 says
"aLavudaiyaar adainthaarkkum"- Swanishtar;
"adhanuraiyE koNdavarkkum- ukthi nishtar;
"vaLavurai thandhavan aruLe manniya maadhavtthOrkkum"- PuNyasaalis- 
AchArya nishtar;
"kaLavu ozhivaar - Those bhAgawathAs who consider the jnAnam of "AthmA 
as independednt" and swathanthran"  as amount to act of robbery and 
avoid such stealing/robbery
"emar enna isainthavarkkum kaavalaraam" Considering other chEthanAs (and 
human beings) as "our" dear people ("emar") and take mercy on them and 
perform prapatthi to Emperumaan for them 

Here Swami desikan discusses four type of prapatthi. However, in 
saraNAgathy DeepikA, I think, he discusses only the first three; (may be 
I am wrong!)

Just a share of thought!

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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