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Thiruvaaymozhi 10.2- Call "Madhavaa"! See your sins disappearing then and there

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Sep 27 1998 - 22:03:39 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

(Sri SadagOpan's excellent narration and rich vyAkhyaanams add flavour 
to this crude translations. I am blessed to be accompanied by Sri 
SadagOpan on this NammAzhwAr's arcchiraadhi maargham in the last lap. 
Thanks, Sriman SadagOpan! Thanks for your encouraging words!)

Last ten, AzhwAr reached ThiurmOgoor; Now here he reaches Thiru anatha 
puram (today's Trivandrum- Kerala's capital city). He enjoys Sri Anantha 
PadmanAbhan with each one of us. 

1. Just Call lovingly "Kesavaa!" once. All sorrows will disappear. Even 
the terrific yama kimkarars (Yama's men) get shivers when they hear 
"Kesavan" name and will not come near us. Hence, We will reach today 
itself such Emperumaan's place Thiruvananthapuram where He has, most 
willingly, out of His own desire, appeared and be present Permanently. 
Thiruvanathapuram is the place where Emperumaan has the venomous 
AdhisEshan as His bed and reclines on it. Let us reach that beautiful 
Divya dEsam today. (Right now!)

2. At Thiruvananthapuram, tall, huge, mountain like buildings are there; 
Nearby lots of trees, lots of fragrant flowers, and most beautiful 
gardens are there. If you reach such a beautiful Divya dEsam, you will 
never get in any of your future births at all. Every name of the Lord 
who is here at this sthalam, is capable of granting you fruits 
equivalent to the thousand names of His. Hence, those who recite His 
name at this place, this place itself is Paramapadham (Sri Vaikuntam).

3. Emperumaan has the Strongest GarudA as His vaahanam. The same GarudA- 
he has as His flag for His chariot. The Bhagawaan, who ate and brought 
the universe back, after the PraLayam (Cosmic cycle) is here most 
gracefully presenting Himself at Thiruvananthapuram. If you enter into 
this Divya dEsam, all diseases, all sins, will immediately evaporate. 
Let me tell you all one thing firmly and decisively. Enjoy His Greatness 
and kalyANA guNAs by uttering at least one of His Greatest unparalleled, 
unmatched Names.

4. Thiruvanathapuram is hugged by the vast deep ocean waters; Most 
fragrant gardens surrounding the paddy fields are filled entirely in 
this fertile Divya dEsam. Offer flowers and perform Thiruvaaraadhanam as 
per saashthrAs to this Bhagawaan, who, most willingly shows Himself, at 
this sthalam. Those who do that are blessed ones. And please do not feel 
shy or ashamed of talking about such puNyavaans (blessed people) and 
their bhAgyams.

5. Have unalloyed deep, sincere bhakti on Emperumaan and offer pure 
water and flowers in your arcchanai and think of His Names. Such a 
thought and prayer will remove this birth cycle. Those who reach the 
Lotus Feet of Thiruvananthapiram Emperumaan will become NityasUris for 
sure. It is definite and have no doubts about it. We have told this 
assertively in order to let everyone know of this great factual truth.

6. This Emperumaan- Govindhan- is the One who removed the sin of 
SubrahmaNyan's Father, Sivan (refer recent posts on 5th head of 
BrahmA!). He is such Greatest Supreme Lord of all. Those who call 
themselves as Devas also pay obeisance to Him as their Lord. Such 
Primordial Chief is present here majestically and permanently at 
Thiruvananthapuram and is worshiped even by VishvaksEnar (Senai Mudali) 
at this Divya sthalam. Even NiyasUris and Mukthars, likewise, perform 
their kaimkaryams, to this Lord here. Oh My DEAREST BHAAGAWATHAAS! 
Listen to me please! Let us also join these NityasUris and involve 
ourselves deeply in Bhgawath Kaimkaryams.

7. This Emperumaan- Govindhan- is the One who creates all the worlds, 
all beings, all demi Gods, and everything - is the One who re-creates 
all of these again after MahApraLayam. He is The Grandest and Greatest 
Primordial Lord. Such Supreme Lord, is so simple to offer Himself for us 
at this place for us, (the Greatest and Grandest mahA Sinners) to have 
such an easy accessibility to Him here at Thiruvananthapuram. He 
reclines so beautifully on AdhisEshan as Hs Bed. IF WE GO HERE 
(Dearest Sisters and Brothers! Read the message! We shall perform such 
mopping, cleaning kaimkaryams at temples- Sri yathirAjar was performing 
the kaimkaryam of bringing well water to the temple. We should NEVER 
EVER think that it is not the work of one who knows so much slOkams, has 
done kaalakshEpams, etc.. etc.. or one who has earned so much dollars, 
or in a respected high post (manager) in a firm - how can "we" do such 
cleaning the dirt from temples? No! what will others think of me?. Great 
jnAni, BhakthA, Our kulapathi NammAzhwAr, our Dearest AchAryA Sri 
rAmAnujAchAryA have advised  and done that. Where are we? Are we 
learned( poginRa jnAnam? Pollaa ozhukkam?), wealthy? (naasthi 
pithuraarjitham kinchith namayaa kinchithaarjitham).

8. Bhagawaan- The Father of Manmathan (Cupid), is staying permanently at 
this beautiful Divya dEsam Thiruvanathapuram. He is reclining on the Bed 
of AdhisEshan here. To see His Lotus Feet and pay obeisance to Him , all 
of you!  my dear ones! proceed towards this place. If you do that, the 
enormous amounts of sins that you have accrued over the ages can simply 
vanish. I just want to let you all know that.

9. FOR ALL OF YOU (Dearest Sisters and Brothers), THE FINAL DAYS ON 
Thiruvananthapuram can do good to us and protect us. You can really 
experience it here. Hence, collect fragrant flowers, some incense sticks 
sincerely, without any faults, and worship Him and pay obeisance to this 
Lord of Thiruvanathapuram, by placing those flowers at the Lotus feet of 
Sri Anantha PadmanAbhan, who came as Vaamanan. If you all do that, all 
paapams will automatically vanish.

10. If you call Emperumaan as "MADHAVAA!", the same moment, all your 
sins will disappear. Hence, those who can gather pure Sandal, Lotus 
flowers, incense sticks, and a ViLakku (lamp), go daily to 
Thiruvanathapuram, (which is surrounded by tall ramparts), and pay 
obeisance to the Lord Emperumaan AnanthapadmanAbhan, will attain 
limitless, unbounded fame and state.

11. The unbounded, limitless Greatest Lord Emperumaan is gracefully and 
permanently staying in this Divya dEsam of Thiruvanathapuram and He is 
the Primordial Chief and is the Parama Purushan. Sri SadagOpar of 
Thirukkurugoor has song these ten (out of his 1000 pAsurams) pAsurams on 
Thiruvananthapuram Emperumaan Sri AnanathaPadmanAbhan. Those who read 
these ten ARE SURE TO ATTAIN SRIVAIKUNTAM and attain Nitya vibhUtI at 
the end of their present lives. There (at Sri vaikuntam), they will be 
served by Devamaathar (ladies in Deva lOkam) who have beautiful bamboo 
like shoulders. (means: They all will be served with reverence, 
sincerity  and affection, love by Deva maathargaL. However,  
AARaayirappadi vyAkhyAnam interprets little differently and in a 
beautiful manner: In as much as the loving husbands are served lovingly, 
affectionately by their beautiful wives, the readers of these ten will 
be served at Srivaikuntam.) 

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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