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Re: Clarification on MaNavaaLa maamuni

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Sep 27 1998 - 21:58:09 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Thanks a lot to each one of you for flooding me with your replies on the 
AchAryA's details. When I later talked to my father, I found that he had 
mentioned it correctly; it was I who misunderstood. It was H.H Sri 
AdhivaN SadagOa Jeer (I jeer of Ahobila Mutt) who had given kaashaayam 
to Sri MaNavaaLa maamunigaL. In fact, all your replies have also 
instilled a desire in me to know more about this Great AchAryA of 
Thenkalai sampradayam.

I will clarify with my father however, on their relations, if any, 
(cousins which he mentioned) in their poorvaashramams and keep you 

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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