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Re: Clarification on MaNavaaLa maamuni?

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Sep 26 1998 - 08:48:44 PDT

>Varadhan can clarify, but it is actually the other way around.
>maNavALa mAmuni took sannyAsa dIksha from Adi vaN SaThakOpa jIyar
>at the command of Lord Ranganatha.

Sri Mani is correct . Sri MaNavALa Maamuni (1370-1444 AD ) 
was given SanyAsa Aasramam by Adhi VaNN SatakOpa Jeeyar ,
( 1379-1458 AD ) ,the founder of Ahobila Matam . H.H. the Jeeyar
was 9 years younger than MaNavALa Maamuni in age and outlived
latter by 14 years . Sri maNavALa Maamuni had a lot
of reverence for Swami Desikan(1268-1369 AD ) and used to refer
to him as "Abhiyukthar " ( the revered One ). 

Adhi VaNN SatakOpa Jeeyar received SanyAsam 
from Sri lakshmi Nrusimha BhagavAn of Ahobilam
in person , when he was 20 years old .He was 
never married prior to sanyAsam .  

>Even though Sri SaThakOpa jIyar was much younger than mAmuni,
>he had taken sannyAsa dIksha very early in life, since he never
>married.  At the time that mAmunigaL desired to take this stage
>of life, SaThakOpa jIyar was undoubtedly one of the most eminent
>sannyAsis around, which is why mAmunigaL took dIksha from him.

The other AchArya for whom Sri Adhi VaNN SatakOpa Jeeyar
gave SanyAsam was his successor , the 2nd Jeeyar , SrivaNN
SatakOpa Sri NaarAyaNa Yathindhra MahA Desikan who reigned 
from 1458-1473 AD . Sri AnnamAchArya received BaranyAsam
from the First Jeeyar at the command of Sri VenakatEsA 
of Thirumalai.Both the first and Second as well as 
the 10th and the 12 th Jeeyars of Ahobuila Mutt have their 
final resting places ( BrundhAvanams ) at Melkote.
The other puNya Bhumis wiht multiple BrundhAvanamas
are ThiruveLLUr( 32, 33, 34 , 35 and 42nd Jeeyars)
and Nrusimhapuram ( 25,26,30, 37 and 38th Jeeyars).
With Sri malOlan's grace , I hope to visit these 
as many of these scred sites that he will give me
strenght to visit in a jounrney of 7 days to India .
Sri MalOlan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,