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NammAzhwAr's Thiruvaimozhi : Decad 10: First Ten: Part 1

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Sep 26 1998 - 07:55:43 PDT

>To: OM
>From: Sadagopan <>
>Subject: NammAzhwAr's Thiruvaimozhi : Decad 10: First Ten
>Dear BhakthAs :
>My notes to compliment the postings of 
>Sri MadhavakkaNNan(MK) are just that . My notes
>are not to be construed as upstaging the timely 
>and patient kaimkaryam of Our Dear Sri MK .
>I will start with that prefatory remark .
>The discipline that Sri MK has had to keep his 
>summaries brief is quite some restraint , since 
>the subtelities of the meanings of these 
>passurams are profound and can easily take 
>one many pages to explain just one paasuram based on 
>the commentaries of our great poorvAchAryAs .
>He has controlled that impulse and has gone 
>just as a straight arrow goes to its target . 
>He has  highlighted the meanings of the Pasurams
>in his uniquely personal way . 
>I have however the luxury of lingering 
>and adding a few more thoughts mainly 
>to share with you the insights of great AchAryAs 
>like Swami Desikan , MaNavALa Maamuni as he learnt
>it form his AchAryA , Thiruvaimozhi PiLLai ,
>the EEdu grantham , Various Padis , DramiDOpanishad 
>Taathparya RathnAvaLi and Thiruvaimozhi prabhandha 
>surukku of Swami Desikan . Many lives are not sufficient
>to study these divine insights of our PurvAchAryAs .
>My satisfaction would be to share with you what
>little joy I have in going over some of these insights .
>I invite other students of Thiruvaimozhi to join in
>and keep the discussions going . 
>In the 9.10 decad that preceded the 10.1 on
>ThirumOhUr KaalamEga PerumAL , Azhwar had the 
>union with ThirukkaNNapurathu EmperumAn , the 
>Ashtakshara KshEthra Naathan . That blissful
>anubhavam made the Azhwar shout with joy :
>Illai allal yenkkEliniyen KuRai ?
>( Oh people of the World ! What want do I have left ?
>Nothing . Why ? it is because I have duly performed 
>prapatthi to my Lord and therefore I have no residual
>worry . No residual worry whatsoever ! 
>Let me assure you all based on my own 
>true experience that the mere utterance of 
>the name of this AshtAkshara KshEthram , ThirukkaNNapuram ,
>will protect you from all griefs .You do not need even to
>fulfill the pre-requisites of Bhakthi or Prapatthi ! Just 
>say ThirukkaNNapuram with feeling ! At this divya desam , 
>Maha Lakshmi is resident in the Lord's chest .
>She will hear you and Her dayai will intercede
>for you successfully . ) 
>With this mind set , Azhwar arrived at ThirumOhUr 
>AatthAn's sannidhi . He is now free of any worries about
>ascending to Sri Vaikuntam  and having union ( Baahya
>SamslEsham there with his Lord )with his Lord . He immediately 
>recognizes AatthAn as his VazhitthuNai or Maarga Bhandhu
>and sadhgathi in this journey that is about to commence . 
>In his thiruvaimozhi NoorandhAthi , ManavALa Maamuni
>points out this mahaa visvaasam of AzhwAr this way 
>while summarizing the meaning of the ThirumOhUr 
>paasurams :
>taaLadainthOr tan.katkku taanE vazhit thuNaiyAM
>KaaLamEgatthai gathiyAkki --meeLuthalAm 
>yetham ilaa ViNNUlail yEha yeNNUm MaaRanena
>kEthamuLLathu yellAm kedum --TVM NoorandhAthi: 91
>(Meaning ) : For those , who get firm hold of 
>the ThirumOkUr Lord 's sacred feet , KaaLamEghap PerumAL 
>of that divya desam becomes the maarga Bhandhu or 
>the protector of us during the journey .When Azhwar 
>uttered the name of KaaLameghan , the Lord became his 
>vazhit thuNai for the azhwAr's journey(ascent ) to
>Sri Vaikuntam . When we think of this redeeeming 
>thought of AzhwAr and his blessing in realizing 
>the Lord of ThirumOhur as his aapath sahAyan , 
>all of our sorrows will disappear completely .
( To Be concluded in the next posting: part 2 )