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From: V. Srimahavishnu (
Date: Fri Sep 25 1998 - 08:18:17 PDT

          Dear Bhagavatas,
                       Please accept my humble praNAmams.Sorry for not
having introduced myself to you so far.I am Vinjamuri Srimahavishnu,doing
M.Tech(Structures) at IITKanpur.My native place is Pentapadu of
W.G.Dist(A.P.).We are SriVaishNavas of Tamil origin but I and my parents
don't know Tamil.As per the details in our family tree,mUlapurushan of
VinjamUr lineage in Andhra region is SrImAn Pandita SabhApati VinjamUr
VenkatAcharyar SwAmigal.I don't know to which VEdam do we belong.I request
SrImAn T.V.VenkatEsh to tell me this.I like carNAtic music,VEda
PArAyaNam,Divya Prabandha
recitation with proper swaram very much.There is a book at my home.It is
StOtraratnam of YAmunAchAryar,with a beautiful commentary in Telugu
written by Late SrimAn VaiyAkaraNa RAmAnuja IyengAr,published a few
decades ago by VAvilla RAmaswAmy SAstrulu press,Madras.My father always
reads it and he has eaten it a lot.I liked very much the vibrant temple
culture in Machilipatnam from where I graduated.Unfortunately,Divya
Prabandha recitation is not done in many temples as most of the VaishNavas
are in jobs and the career of an AdhyApakar is not fetching.I am reading
Bhakti mails in free time,and learning a lot from SrImAn SadagOpan et al.
                                         adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan
                                       Vinjamuri Srimahavishnu