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Thiruvaaymozhi 10.1- Oh My Dear Ones! All of you Praise Me!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Sep 25 1998 - 01:22:55 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr is entering into his Grand finale. The Last patthu of 
Thiruvaaymozhi where the final hundred has been  composed. At the end of 
this hundred, he enters into the absolute blissful experience of His 
Lotus Feet and attains AzhwAr mOksham. It is really a great hundred. I 
am excited to have travelled so far with my "no capability/ no 
knowledge", ignorant on both tamil and English; attempted to start on 
Thiruvaaymozhi due to a request from few BhAgawathAs. It is AzhwAr who 
has blessed and is continuing to bless this writing of mine and it is he 
who chooses me as an instrument to write and through you he enables you 
to enjoy it. 

Let us enter into the final lap with AzhwAr. The first ten of the last 

AzhwAr calls for ThirumOgoor KaaLamEgha PerumAL for safely taking him 
and giving him company on the way to Parama Padham. 

1. The whole place of ThirumOgoor is filled with paddy fields; and these 
fields are situated next to very many beautiful Lotus ponds. Such a 
lovely beautiful fertile place is ThirumOgoor. At this Divya sthalam, 
KALamEgha perumAL is permanently present on His own desire and 
happiness. He is the One who killed asurAs. This KALamEghaperumAL- with 
those four strong capable shoulders, Black curly long tresses, Beautiful 
Red Lotus like eyes and mouth- There is no one for us except Him for 
support and refuge.

2. Emperumaan- The One who wears cool, fresh ThuLasi maalai, the One who 
has thousands of great names- is premanently present at ThirumOgoor. 
There Vedic scholars (of all four vedas) live. There is no other refuge 
for me except for the Lotus Feet of  Emperumaan who shows Himself as 
ThirumOgoor KALamEghaPerumAL. There is no asylum for me in this birth 
except the shadow of His Lotus Feet.

3. Brahman and Sivan, along with other Devas, went to Sriman Narayanan 
and prayed many times saying "There is no shelter for us except You" and 
requested Him to destroy asurAs. He destroyed asurAs and saved all three 
worlds. Such Greatest Emperumaan, who considers the destruction of 
asurAs as His duty- is present at this place ThirumOgoor. To get rid of 
all our problems, sorrows, pains, and sins, let us reach this Emperumaan 
at ThirumOgoor and get saved!

4. Devas and Rishis, go to Emperumaan who reclines on AdhiSeshan as His 
bed, pray to Him requesting Him to bless them to alleviate their 
sorrows/hurdles. The Brightest jyOthiswarUpI also most willingly blesses 
them and presents Himself at ThirumOgoor for earthy people like us. Such 
a Parama sowlabhyan is He! Sulabhan! Let us praise and pay obeisance to 
His Feet; Oh BhakthAs! BhAgawathAs Come one! Come All! Get your sins and 
sorrows removed and get saved by holding tight the Feet of 

5. The unparallelled, ummatched, peerless Emperumaan is the Supreme 
unequal to any one; He is the Cause for everyone and everything; He has 
the Beautiful illustrious form for us; He is the One who measured the 
entire universe! Oh Servants of That Emperumaan! Come here! Let us all 
dance and sing, paying obeisance to Him! This Divya Desam is the most 
beautiful fertile place. All of you come to this place to worship Him. 
Let us get ourselves immersed in our Bhakti and dance with unalloyed 
Bhakti towards Emperumaan.

6. KaNNan is the dancer and is the One who saved the cows; He is the 
Yaman for adharmic asurAs; He is the same One who grants us Anandham 
(happiness) for us, Devas and Rishis who pay obeisance to Him and 
worship Him. This Bhagawaan is showing Himself willingly for us at this 
place ThirumOgoor. The Most Truthful- Most Credible Lord- Sathya 
vrathan- Dhruda vrathan- (The Only One whom we can have firm belief- 
faith that He will save and has the capacity to save - None else!) 
Except for His Lotus Feet- there is nothing else that can protect and 
safeguard us.      

7. Emperumaan is the Primordial Chief who created the waters everywhere 
and created BrahmAdi DevAs and all worlds. Such Greatest Most wonderful 
Powerful Swami- is of such sowlabhyan that He presents Himself for us at 
ThirumOgoor. We should reach this Divya dEsam, all our paapams will 
simply vanish. There is no better safer place for us than He. 

8. Oh BhAgawathAs! Worship ThirumOgoor Emperumaan KALamEghaPerumAL. That 
Bhagawaan Lord Sri Raman, who was born as the Beautiful Pond of Emerald 
Stone, as the son of King Dasaratha, and who killed so many asurAs of 
various names effortlessly. Such Emperumaan who appeared as Rama is here 
(very much in our midst) as archaavataar in this Divya dEsam of 
ThirumOgoor. If you all pay obeisance to Him, all your sorrows will 
automatically disappear. 

9. Bhagaawaan has the most loveliest- Most Beautiful Feet similar to a 
clear cute pond. That Lord of ours has flower like eyes, Red Coral 
lipped mouth, and Beautiful Large Huge Broad four shoulders. The 
Omnipotent, The Most capable Lord- who can destroy asurAs at any time, 
under any circumstances (Look at NarasimhAvataar, Hayagreevan, 
KrishNan's- Vaamanan's - everything is unique and lovely!) - That Lord 
is presenting Himself permanently at ThirumOgoor so beautifully and so 
gracefully. It is here so near; Even we are able to reach that place. 
(such an easy access is He!)

10. When the cruel asurAs trouble Devas, the terrified Devas approach 
Bhagawaan and pray to Him with folded palms saying "Oh Lord The One who 
is like a Huge rampart to us and protects us! Please save us". He takes 
the form out of His desire, and starts off to kill and destroy the 
asurAs and saves the dEvAs. Such a Merciful Lord, who rushes to protect 
all those who surrender to Him (for any help whatsoever)- is here at 
ThorumOgoor gracefully. Hence, Oh My dear ones, BhAgavathAs! Learn to 
utter ThorumOgoor Lord's name and praise Him openly, by paying obeisance 
to Him.

11. "Oh My Dear Ones! Praise Me!"- said KrishNA and danced! _ About this 
dancer Emperumaan- in praise of this Lord of ThirumOgoor- Sri SadagOpar 
of Thirukkurugoor has sung 1000 pAsurams,. Out of those 1000, those who 
read and learn these ten (which are equal and identical to performing 
kaimkrayam to Lord Himself) will be able to get all there sorrows 
destroyed completely.  

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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