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From: Krishnakumar Badhrinath (
Date: Thu Sep 24 1998 - 21:01:40 PDT


This is to personally introduce myself, as suggested in the first email that I 
got from bhakti list today.

I am Krishnakumar Badhrinath working in GE-Corporate research and development
and staying in Schenectady, Newyork for the last year and a quarter. I did
my schooling in Neyveli, India and then BITS pilani, India and then completed a
PhD. at university of Houston.

My interest in SriVaishnavism probably started when I used to go for
sloka classes in Sri Vedantha Desika Sabha in Neyveli. Also, I have been lucky to
get the darshan of Lord Sriranganatha at Srirangam, Lord Srinivasa at Tirupathi
and Lord Lakshmi Hayagreeva at Tiruvahindirapuram quite regularly.

I read some of the archived articles of this group. As a new comer I feel that I will 
be blessed with a lot of knowledge about Sri Vaishnavism. Hoping to come across
your valuable inputs regularly. Thank you.