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From: Subra Manian (
Date: Thu Sep 24 1998 - 05:37:53 PDT

Dear Bhakti members & elders,

Pranams to all.!

Though delayed, let me introduce myself first. 
Though I am a non-Vaishnavite, I have a deep
love towards PerumaL. This could be because
of me being born and brought up at Mannargudi,
(Thanjavur Dist-TN,India) - Chenpakaaranya kshetram of 
Lord Rajagopala Swamy.

I was fortunate enough to spend my childhood there
and know about Vaishnava Sampradayam through my
many Vaishnavite friends.

This followed then in Trichy. Regular visits to Srirangam
was a part when I was in Trichy.

Presently I am in Bangalore.
I have been reading the Bhakti archives for quite
some time and joined the list recently. Now I realise
the meaning of 'kaRRathu kaimmaN aLavu..kallAthathu ulakaLavu'
[The learning so far has been only fistful..There is much more to 
learn in this universe]

It is really wonderful to know to know so much through the
Bhakti list members. Sri.Mani's energy to drive this
is just unbelievable. 

Thanks for reading so far. 


P.S: I end the mail by sharing a wonderful experience
     I had yesterday.Just when I was about to switch off
     the TV at night y'day, I was surfing the channels
     and suddenly in one of the channels (DD-Hyderabad-live)
     I could see Lord Venkateshwara (Thirumala) in closeup
     in Golden Sesha Vaahanam as part of Brahmotsavam at Thirumala-
     Thirupathi. I was fortunate to view for an hour.
     Since I had never seen Bramotsavam in person, it was
     really great to see Lord Venkateshwara in extreme close-up.
     The 'alankaaram' was excellent and the camera work was good.

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