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From: John Marshall / Jaya Tirtha Charan Dasa (
Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 22:42:24 PDT

				     om namo bhagavate SRI MAHA-NRSIMHAYA
                                 damstra karalavadanaya
                                 ghora-rupaya vajra-nakhaya
                                 jvala maline mama vighnan paca paca
                                 mama bhayan bhindi bhindi
                                 mama shatrun vidravaya vidravaya mama
                                 sarva ristan prabhanjaya prabhanjaya
                                 CHATA CHATA, HANA HANA, CHINDI CHINDI
                                 mama sarva-bhistan puraya puraya mam
                                 raksa raksa hum phat svaha

Some years ago I also had this dilema about mice and things.

One day it all changed for me.

you see by the mercy of the Lord during one visit to Sri Rangam during the
Vaikuntha Ekadasi period I went to the shrine of Sripad Ramanujacarya there
and paid my prostrated obeisances before him and asked for his blessing.
Suddenly the priest took some pavitrams off of Ramanuja's form and placed
them around my neck. Teary eyed, caught in the an emotion of devotion, I
treasured those pavitrams.

When I was living on our farm some mice were getting into cupboard and
everything, to the point that we used to keep everything in metal and or
plastic containers so that nothing could be spoilt. One day I went to go to
my wardrobe to collect my pavitrams and go and do the pujas at the temple,
but only to find a mouse run out of the chewed open bag, with the half
chewed pavitrams inside.

That afternoon after I finished the pujas I took my children to a local pet
shop and we bought a cat - Bhima. the problem stopped.

Since that time we no longer have mice around, just his presence is a good
deterant. But he doesn't look skinny - loves prasadam too. Prefers
maha-maha prasadam - that which has been honoured by us, and then the
remnants discarded for the birds, and mice.........!!!

I still have the pavitrams, I cannot use them in their present state but
cannot throw them out.

Hey, this is my dilema!!!

Krishnarpanamastu, Hare Krishna.

ys, JTCd.