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Re: ..My Introduction..

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 16:01:33 PDT

> Dear Vishnu-Bhaktaas,
>     Let me introduce myself. It is quite a considerable
> number of days since I joined this esteemed list. I am 
> Ram G Mohan working in Hughes Software Systems, Gurgaon, 
> Haryana and I am from Hyderabad. 

Dear Ram and Others who contributed Introductions,

Thank you so much for complying with my request. 
I have already learnt a lot about our membership
by reading the messages of the past few days. I
had no idea we have people in so many corners of
the world, including India. I am very happy to see
this forum grow to include devotees from all over!

> Culturally, I am not
> even a Brahmin, leave alone a SriVaishnava. My only claim 
> to being close to this SriVaishnava philosophy is my deep
> Rama-Bhakti. Lord Rama is that Avatara of Lord Vishnu who
> exerts the greatest pull on me.

And this is all that matters!  Sri Vaishnavas
come from all backgrounds (this has been the case from 
the times of the Alvars) and our group welcomes people
on the same lines. 

Thank you for joining our group!

emberumaanaar tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam