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Intro from Rajesh Mandayam

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 10:53:15 PDT

Since Rajesh had some problems mailing to the list, I am forwarding this

My name is Rajesh. I live in Thiruallikeni. I am presently doing my
in systems management.
We own a cassette label known as chakkrika audios . We have released
around 60 titles on various sri vaishnavite titles the famous among them
Panchasuktham,Udakashanthi, Kaisika puranam, Gadyatrayam n and
discourses by some of the greats like Sri U.Ve Veelukudi Varadhachariar
& Sri. Annagarachariar. We are in the process of releasing  a lot of
swami Desikan's works like paduka Sahasram and his other sthothras.We
at present under our banner 4 volumes of Desika Sthorams and three
volumes of Paduka sahasram both rendered by Sri. Nagai
Veeraraghavachariar. We are proud to announce that Sri Ahobila Jeeyar
has given us the privilege of giving an exclusive discourse for the
frist time ever on Desikanum Sri Sukthigallum. We plan to release
this cassette by the end of this month to commemorate the thirunakshatrm

of Shri Adivan Sadagopan .
Even though the above mentioned projects are our only tiny
contributions to the cause of spreading the principle of Shri Ramanuja
and Shri Desikan, by joining this list, I Hope to share and learn by
list whatever I can on the vishishtadwaitha Philosophy.
Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan.