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From: Krishnamachari, N (Krish) (
Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 07:53:42 PDT

Mice can be caught with traps that do not kill them, and can be taken out
and left in the open.  Of course there is the dilemma on what happens if it
is a cold winter day.  So I agree that the less spiritually evolved like me
have a dilemma with no solution.  I have caught centipedes by putting a cup
on top, then sliding the cup over a thin pad, and leaving the centipede
outside the house.  The problem is that I have had to do this in winter as
well, pretending that I have not killed the centipede.  So Mani's question
is very relevant, and I need guidance too.


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My usual solution is to take the insect out alive by hand (if that is
possible) and
throw it out. It is possible that the insect is able to live on other
leaves, which are
in plenty outside. (Or it might die due to other reasons.).

Certain organic insecticides do not kill the insects. They may make them

If you find a mouse, what do you do? Your dilemna does not have an easy
solution. There might be a standard answer according to our scriptures.
But it may not be easy for everyone to accept.