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..My Introduction..

From: Ram G Mohan (
Date: Tue Sep 22 1998 - 21:28:09 PDT

Dear Vishnu-Bhaktaas,
    Let me introduce myself. It is quite a considerable
number of days since I joined this esteemed list. I am 
Ram G Mohan working in Hughes Software Systems, Gurgaon, 
Haryana and I am from Hyderabad. Culturally, I am not 
even a Brahmin, leave alone a SriVaishnava. My only claim 
to being close to this SriVaishnava philosophy is my deep 
Rama-Bhakti. Lord Rama is that Avatara of Lord Vishnu who 
exerts the greatest pull on me.
   I am very greatly interested and believe in this Shri
Vishistadwaita philosophy which has been propounded by
the great Alwars and Shri Ramanujacharya. Hence I have 
joined this list mainly for the purpose of learning about 
this great Hari-centred way of life.

Pranaams to all,

               SHRI RAMA JAYAM
  Ram G Mohan                 Call me:
  Software Engineer           E-mail:
  Hughes Software Systems     Phone no: 0124-346666
  Gurgaon(HARYANA) - 122015   Ext: 2422