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Sri Raja Krishnaswamy's tirelss Kaimkaryam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Sep 22 1998 - 05:34:53 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

It is so wonderful that the private collection of
mine is reaching out to Music lovers and students of 
Bhakthi thru NadhOpAsana .

The greatness of Saint Thyagaraja as a Rama BhakthA 
and parama Bhagavatha is understood by every one except a few 
Veera VaishNavas . That Sri Ramachandra presented Himself 
with Sita Devi and Hanumar at His Bhakthan's door step
in Thirumanjana Veedhi of ThiruvayyAru is some thing 
that speaks for itself about the glory of Naama and Naadha 
SiddhAntham . I have been fortunate to be  a keen student 
of Saint Thyagaraja's krithis as well as those of
his contemproaries . The unalloyed Rama Bhakthi of 
Saint Thyagaraja is a class by itself . That Lord 
Ranganatha stopped His own procession on the Chitthirai 
Veedhi of Srirangam to let others know that a great Bhakthan
of His is standing amidst them is another testament to 
the glory of this Parama BhagavathA . Sri Ranganatha 
also wanted soem thing in return (viz)., The Sriranga
Pancha Rathnam from His parama BhakthA Just as He wanted
Amalanadi Piran from ThiruppANAzhwar . He created an
incident to reveal the extraordinary Bhakthi of 
the AzhwAr , who stood on the banks of Cauveri and 
was contented enough to sing about the Lord from that
distance .

I will comment briefly on selected individual krithis 
that Sri Raja Krishnaswamy refers to as time goes by
and highlight the key words or thoughts housed 
in this krithis that arose out of Saint Thyagaraja
spontaneously .I have forgotten the Uruppadis
in these tapes , now that they have left the house.
I am glad that Sri Krishnaswamy is enlisting them and 
that brings back memories of enjoying them as rendered
by ThiruveNNkAdu Subramanya PiLLai , Ariyakkudi , Semmangudi ,
GNB , Madhurai Mani , Raja maNickkam Pillai ,MSS, DKP ,
Musiri , Mudikondan , T.R. Mahalingam , Palladam Sanjivi Rao ,
Harmonium Subramanya Dikshithar , Chempai , KVN , 
VeeNai DhanammAL et al .

Sri RamachandrAya NamO Nama: