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Thiruvaaymozhi 9.10- Cling to Lotus Feet of Emperumaan! Get rid of all your sins

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Sep 21 1998 - 21:45:38 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

After seeing AhzwAr's suffering so much Emperumaan agrees to fulfil 
AzhwAr's desires of seeing the Lord. AzhwAr gets greatly excited and 
sings on ThirukkaNNapuram Perumaan. NammAzhwAr performs MangaLAsAsanam 
for Sowri Rajan towards the end of this ten. He offers upadesam to us 
and advises us to perform saranAgathi at the lotus feet of Sowri Rajan 
(ThirukkaNNapuraperumaan) to obtain the boon of Moksham. He reveals that 
the Lord of this Divya Desam will grant the boon of Vaikunta Vaasam to 
saranAgathas at the end of their earthly lives. 

1. Bhagawaan is gracfeully presenting Himself at ThorukkaNNapuram where 
the ramparts are hit by the huge waves of Oceans. He is the One who had 
the entire universe in His stomach and was lying on the leaf of a great 
banyan tree as (an exquisite) Child, incomparable, during Cosmic cycle 
ending. You should pay obeisance to such Swami both in the morning and 
in the evening by reaching His Lotus Feet at this sthalam and offering 
Lotus flowers at His Feet. By paying such obeisances, all your sins will 

2. Oh BhakthAs! You offer honey dripping flowers and perform 
"araadhanam" to this Bhagawaan of ThirukkaNNapuram Divya Desam. The tall 
ramparts seem to touch even the Planet Venus beyond the sky (sukkra 
graham?). Think and meditate on this Divya Desam and its Emperumaan and 
get saved!

3. Oh Servants (of Bhagawaan Sriman Narayana!) to get rid of your 
paapams (sins), with Ekaagra chinthanai (concentrated mind) pay 
obeisance to ThirukkaNNapura Emperumaan. This Emperumaan is Parama padha 
naathan. He is the Chief of this world also. When you pay obeisance to 
Him, you offer unfaded fresh flowers to Him.

4. Bhagawaan, who is the beloved husband of feminine beauty Nappinnai 
PiraaTTi, (who conquers even the deer with her beautiful eyes), is the 
sweetest Lord like the Honey. Offer fresh new unfaded flowers and pay 
obeisance to Him. Emperumaan of ThirukkaNNapuram where tall ramparts 
surround this sthalam, is the only refuge for all of us. (means: Catch 
hold of Sowri rAja Perumaan with Nappinnai piraaTTi as the 
purushaakaaram is the essence of this pAsuram)   

5. Bhagawaan saves and protects all those who surrender to His Feet. 
When one's AthmA leaves his body at the time of death, Bhagawaan offers 
him parama padham. That Bhagawaan is here at ThirukkaNNapuram and He is 
the One who rules everyone and everything. He is the love personified 
and is so compassionate towards His devotees.

6. SowrirAja Perumaan shows His mercy and affection towards everyone who 
surrenders at His Feet. He is the One who tore the golden coloured body 
of asuran hiraNyan and killed him during His NarasimhAvataar. He is the 
One who shows Himself so gracefully at ThirukkaNNapuram. This 
personification of love - my Swami showers His dayA sincerely on His 
devotees who shower their devotion to Him sincerely.  ("than meyyarkku 

7. Emperumaan is the truthful Lord to one who is devoted to Him firmly 
as the Ultimate One. He does NOT show Himself to those who pray to Him 
at superficial level expecting returns from Him for their obeisance. For 
those who keep Him in their minds and pay their obeisance sincerely, 
this ThirukkaNNapura perumaan is here very nearest to them.

8. Bhagawaan always stays very close to those who surrender and pay 
obeisance to His feet. Due to His grace no disease dares come nearer to 
them; He showers His dayA to remove the birth cycle too. Sowri Rajan, 
Paramapadha nAthan, is gracefully presenting Himself at 
ThirukkaNNapuram, which is surrounded by ramparts of Gold and Emerald. 
Pay your obeisance to this Paramapadha nathan and surrender to and reach 
His Feet.

9. Vedic scholars willingly live here at ThirukkaNNapuram. The 
primordial Chief  SowrirAja Perumaan is present here permanently and 
those who reach His Feet will NOT get any hurdle or sorrows at all. 
Those who pay obeisance to this Perumaan daily will get all their 
diseases removed and cured. The sins will never touch them. After 
reaching such a Most Merciful dayALu - My Bhagawaan- what is my 
grievance? Nothing.

10. ThirukkaNNapuram Divya Desam is the place where Emperumaan Sriya: 
Pathih Sriman NarayaNan is present whose chest houses Lotus seated 
Periya PiraTTi MahALakshmi. Even those who do not reach this place of 
ThirukkaNNapuram, (that is all of us, dearest sisters and brothers!), if 
they simply utter this place name "ThirukkaNNapuram" that is enough; no 
sorrow will dare touch them. Sowri Perumaan will bless them most. Hence, 
I will get no dukkam (sorrows). Where is grievance for me?

11. Plead Him to hold (on to His Feet) in order to get rid of births and 
deaths and karmic diseasesSing these ten pAsuams sung by Thirukkurugoor 
SadagOpar (out of his 1000 Tamil Pasurams on Emperumaan) and dance to 
its tune and bow and pay obeisance to Emperumaan's Feet. (means: those 
who read these ten will be blessed with a bhAgyam of paying obeisance to 
Emperumaan's Lotus Feet and thereby get rid of karmic cycle. 

Now, after having an excellent ten on ThirukkaNNapuram Perumaan, I had 
an urgent dvarai to have a darshan of this sthalam and Sowri rAjan. What 
to do? Sitting here, it is so far and can not happen immediately. With a 
depressed mind, Dearest Sisters and Brothers, I just searched the web 
typing Thirukkannapuram", expecting "no results found". Do you know? You 
will NOT believe it! What a dayAkaran! What a mercy on this sinner! 
First result was "Thirukkannapuram or Ashtaakshari kshethram"- an 
article with lots of Emperumaan's images - great history and sthala 
puraaNam written by none other than - you have guessed right- our Dear 
Sri U Ve Oppiliappan Koil V. Sadagopan. Read and be blessed by SowrirAja 
The web site address is: 
(created by Sri Govindarajan.).

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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