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ThiruviNNagarappan as Veda NaarAyaNan: part 3

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Sep 21 1998 - 09:42:39 PDT

>ThiruviNNagarappan recognized by Thirumangai
>as His one and Only Lord ( MaRROr dhaivam piRithaRiyEn )
>is SarvathOmukan ( Omnippresent ). That Parabrahmam with
>garlands on His crown made up of just blossomed flowers
>( pOthalar nedumudip puNNiyan ) , who is the sweet naadham
>in the Veda manthrams is saluted by the ancient Rg Veda manthram
>as follows :
>tvamhi visvathOmuka visvatha : paribhUrasi , apa:
>na sOsuchadhagam
>(Meaning ) : O veda NaarAyaNA ! O ChandhOgA 
>( celebrated by the Saama Veda Upanishad, ChAndhOgyam ) ! 
>O PouzhiyA ( Saluted by Rg Vedam )!, O TaittiriyA 
>( adored by Yajur Veda manthrams) !, O lord of ThiruviNNagar!
>Thou art the all pervading , Omnipresent , Omniscient One! 
>Please remove our sins in its entirety .
>O TannoppArillappA ! Thou art the One , who consumed 
>the seven oceans, seven kula parvathams and the seven 
>Universes and kept them safely in Your stomach during
>the destructive time of PraLayam ( kaarkezhu kadalkaLum 
>malaikaLumAyErkezhu ulahamumAhinavan) ; during those
>times of MahA praLayam , You devoured the Sun , the moon and 
>the stars and kept them in Your stomach ( as amithAsanan ,
>You became then , " nilavodu veyil nilavirusudarum ulahamumuyir-
>kalum unDavan ") . After this miraculous feat , You shone 
>as the YekAksharan ( PraNava mUrthy/ aarkexhu vayiRRiniladakki
>ninRangOrezutthOru uruvAnAi ).In the spirit of Yajur Vedam's
>salutation , 
>Brahma yaj~AnAm prathamam purasthAdhvi 
>seematha: suruchO vEna aava: 
>sa budhnyA upamA asya vishtA :
>sathascha yOnimasathascha vi va: 
>(Meaning ) : O Veda NaarAyaNA ! Thou created ,
>protected and consumed all of these sentients
>and the insentients . Thus Thou shineth as 
>SarvOtthaman , Parama Poojyan and shine as 
>the indweller (antharyAmi Brahmam )and direct
>them . You are recognized therefore as Sarvaj~nan 
>and Param JyOthi .
>O ThiruviNNagarappA ! Yajur Vedam recognizes You as
>the power behind the Agni through Your Svayam JyOthi , 
>incandescent Suryan's power to warm , the pervasive 
>wind (as Vaayu) the energy principle behind the cooling
>rays of the Moon , the aadhAram for the purity of Sukran  
>the gigantic principle understood as Brahman and the 
>protecting doctrine supporting PrajApathi . Thus Thou art 
>forever resplendent based on the Yajur Veda Manthram:
>tadhEvAgnis tadhAdhithyas tadhvAyus tadhu chandramA :
>tadhEva sukram tadh Brahma thaa aapa: sa PrajApathi :
>Thou art sarvakaala svarUpi. All divisions of Time 
>spring from Thee, the resplendent paripUrNan . No one
>hath comprehended Thee from aboveor across or in the middle.
>Yet another Yajur Veda Manthram says:
>sa nO bhandhurjanithA sa vidhAthA 
>dhAmAni Veda bhuvanAni VisvA 
>(Meaning ): He is our only relative ; He is our 
>protective Father; He is the great One , who generated
>us; He is the One , who understnds every one and 
>every thing ( Sarva~Jnan). 
>Another Yajur Manthram points out that He is the One,
>who blessed us with the differnet Vedams and revealed
>their esoteric meanings and became Veda NaarAyaNan :
>ruchO naamAmsi yajugumshi naamAsmi
>saamAni naamAmsi 
>The Lord of ThiruviNNagar , who is present every where 
>as " palavahaiyum Paranatha PerumAn " is witness to
>all happenings ( Sarva Saakshi ). Atharva Vedam salutes 
>His Sarva Saakshithvam as follows :
>aa pasyathi prathi pasyathi parA pasyathi pasyathi
>divamantharikshamAdh bhUmim sarvam tadh dEvi pasyathi 
>(Meaning) : He sees every thing in front ; He sees 
>everything behind Him ; He sees everything far and wide;
>He sees all that is in AkAsam , BhUmi and anathariksham . 
>The AzhwArs recognize ThiruviNNagarappan as the essence 
>of the four VedAs ( Veda NaarAyaNan )and plead with Him for 
>the boon of nithya kaimkaryam in His Parama Padhasm and 
>to banish the two kinds of vinais ( paapams and puNyams ).
>The Atharva Veda Manthram containing these thoughts is :
>yaj~nam bhrUmO yajamAnamrucha: sAmAni bhEshajA 
>yajUgumshi hothrA bhrUmastE nO munchanthvamhasa: 
>(Meaning ) : We recite with svaram , the Rg veda manthrams 
>for eulogizing , Saama veda manthrams for singing about 
>Your glories , Atharva veda manthrams for removing
>all kinds of afflictions , physical and mental , 
>and Yajur veda manthrams for the performance of 
>YaagAs and pray to You to banish all of our 
>accumulated karmAs .
>Yet another Atharva veda manthram prays to the omnipotent
>(sarva sakthan ) Lord of AkAsanagaram to bless the supplicants
>with undiminishing wealth of nithya kaimkarya soubhAgyam 
>as the Creator, protector and dissolver of this Universe
>and its chEthanams and achEthanams :
>Vrushabham vAjinam vayam pourNamAsam yajAmahE 
>sa nO dadhAthvakshithAm rayimanupadhasvatheem 
>At the end of the Atharva vedam , there is a manthram
>that begs the Lord to make the supplicant's dhyAnam , 
>upAsanai and Kaimkaryam fruitful by standing on 
>their side as a friend and guide them :
>yogE yogE tavastaram vAjE vAjE havAmahE
>sakhAya IndrammUtayE 
>AzhwArs as supplicants placed all of their Bhakthi-laden
>paasurams at the sacred feet of their Lord . In the rahsyArtham ,
>mutthukkaL (pearls) refer to AzhwAr's paasurams . Bhagavan of
>ThiruviNNagar accepts these pearls strung together as 
>pearl garlands and earned the name of Mutthappan . These
>garlands are known as MukthAvaLis .They shine at His 
>chest , neck and at His ankles as nUpura AbharaNam .
>There , they stay shining and with their sacred lustre
>remove the Kali dhOshams of all chEthanams , who bow unto 
>these lotus feet of the Lord .Swami Desikan refers 
>to the power of the mukthAvaLis in banishing all 
>the accumulated karmAs this way in one of the slokams
>of the MukthA paddhathi of Sri Ranganatha divya PaadhukA
>sahasram :
>prachurakiraNapUrA: PaadhukhE ! samsrithAnAm
>kali kalushamasEsham kshALayanthiva mukthA :
>The Lord at ThiruviNNagar blesses us with His sevai
>as Mutthappan wearing the mukthAvaLis of AzhwArs
>on His subha Tanu and grants MokshAnugraham
>to those , who seek His sacred feet as their
>sole refuge.
>The most sacred part of the four Vedams is
>Purusha Sooktham . The key passage in Purusha
>Sooktham is " Purusha yEvadhagum SARVAM " .
>He is the One , who pervades every chEthanam and
>AchEthanam both inside and outside . ThiruviNNagarAn 
>has the combination of Bruhathva-BrumhaNathva attributes.
>He is the grandest and the largest in svarUpam (bruhathvam).
>Through His anantha kalyANa guNams , He has 
>BrumhaNathvam .He is filled with endless glories .
>He is the One , who empowered BrahmA with the powers of
>creation .He is the supreme jyOthi (ParamjyOthi),
>the light of lights . He is worshipped as ParadEvathai
>by all the DevAs as thier supreme Lord.He is the most sacred 
>of sacred doctrines ( pavithrANAm pavithram ) and 
>the most auspicious among auspicious entities ( mangaLAnAM
>cha MangaLam ). He is the One with the unmmatchable 
>glories of sacred feet pointed to us by the Mantra
>rathnam , the Dhvaya Manthram . As revealed to us
>by the Mutthakam of AchArya RaamAnujA ( anathikramaNeeyam
>hi charaNa grahaNam ) , when we hold firmly His sacred
>feet , He will not shake us and run away from us because
>of His infinite DayA for us .The limitless compassion
>that He ahs for us is summed up by the last Saaman of 
>Saama vedam :
>svasthi na IndrO vruddhasravA : svasthi na
>PooshA Visva vEdA , Svasthi nasthArkshyO ArishtanEmi: 
>svasthi nO Bruhaspathir dadhAdhAthu , svasthi nO
>Bruhaspathir dadhAdhAthu 
>(Meaning ) : May the Master of vast knowledge,
>May mighty God bless us with prosperity ! May
>the nourisher of All , the author of All vedAs 
>bless us with prosperity ! May he , the giver of All 
>comforts like the horse and  cattles bless us with 
>prosperity ! May Veda NaarAyaNan , the Lord of All
>elements of nature vouchsafe us prosperity ! May 
>the same Veda NaarAyaNan standing as ThiruviNNagarAn , 
>the Lord of All the elements of nature vouchsafe us 
>prosperity ! 
>The ChAndhOgya Upanishad passage saluting the blissful 
>svarUpa visEsham of the Parabrahmam recognizes Him 
>as the Infinite Bliss principle underlying His creations .
>This revelatory passage of ChAndhOgya Upanishad is :
>yO vai BhUmA tath sukham naalpE sukamasthi 
>Bhumaiva sukam BhumA tvEva vijigyAsithavya 
>ithi BhUmAnam BhagavO vijigyAsa ithi 
>The above passage from the Upanishad of 
>the Upanishads states that " the Brahman 
>(Infinite ) is bliss . There can not be any
>bliss in something other than that is in 
>this Infinite Brahman . This Infinite Brahman 
>should be the sole goal of our serious learning .
>Rest of them are all bhinna vasthus and can not 
>lead to bliss " .
>Rg Vedam salutes this Infinite Brahman standing
>as ArchA at ThiruviNNagar at His leelA vibhUthi 
>and as Parama Padha Naathan at His divine abode
>this way :
>sam bAhubhyAM dhamathi sam pathatrairdhyAvA 
>This sole and supreme Lord of Lords is our 
>SaraNyan , Our father , Mother , Bhandhu
>at ThiruviNNagar and everything . He is anaadhi 
>as explained by the Upanishad : " sa yEva saumya 
>idam agrE aasith ".By knowing Him , " yena asrutham 
>srutham bhavathi" . This is purushArtha vivEkam 
>that leads us to " sUri tulya svAtanthryam ".
>The last slOkam of Swami Desikan's Parama Padha sOpAnam
>summarizes beautifully the fruits of the enjoyment of
>ArchAi and the anubhavam of the Sri Sookthis of AzhwArs
>and AchAryAs on ThiruviNNagarAn . This  slOkam is :
>balAdh aakarshidhbhi: bahubhi: aparAdhai: vihitayA 
>parAvrutthyA nithya bhava jaladhi pankE nipatathAm I
>prathimnA sampannA Bhagavadhanukampaika vapushA 
>pratheechee dhrushDEyam Paramapadha sOpAna padhavee II
>(Meaning ) : For us , who are pulled powerfully 
>by the many of our aparAdhams and turn us away from BhagavAn 
>and land us deep in the mud of samsAram , the glory of
>His KrupA pulls us out of these miseries and aligns 
>us to climb the steps of the ladder of His Parama
>Padham . This has been asserted by the Veda PramANams 
>as the Truth .
>May we offer our soulful prayers to Sri Bhumi Devi
>SamEtha ThiruviNNagarappan with all humility on
>the occasion of this AbharaNa samarpaNa Kaimkaryam 
>and seek the blessings of the SaraNya Dampathis  
>to lead us to Their Parama Padham !