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Re: Oppiliappan : The Matchless Veda NaarAyaNan: part 1

From: Madhavakkannan (
Date: Mon Sep 21 1998 - 06:45:46 PDT


Dearest Sri Sadagopan,

It is a great news about the kaimkaryam getting its grand finale now. Your
tireless contributions to all these lowly selves in terms of continuous
excellent posts on our rich sampradayam. Your persistent efforts to enrich
us are now yielding this mahOthsavam darshan and your representing us- the
most appropriate representation- we can not ask for anyone better suited to
this occasion that you. 

We are very happy, SadagOpan, that you are planning to first get
aseervaathams and blessing from (y) our dearset GodhA and Sri Rangamannar
before proceeding to thanoppArilappan. We are greatly delighted that our
dear Sri Anbil sawmi's article is also there in the souvenir and we feel
proud that we have two of our dearest members from Bhakti group, in that
erudite Srivaishnavas who contribute to the souvenir. 

Blessed are we with elderly members like you; Lucky Oppiliappan is to get
you there at the right time.

Do try to drop in or give us a call from Airport; We wii be happy to see
you at Singapore Airport. We will be honoured if you can visit our kutil.
(Please vist us on the way back to states so that we can snatch from you
some of puNyam that you can take alongwith you to the states).

On behalf of all members of the group, adiyEn, being the smallest member
(in terms of jnAnam and age), wishes you a great pleasant trip of a
different kind altogether.

Narayana narayana


Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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> Subject: Oppiliappan : The Matchless Veda NaarAyaNan: part 1
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