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Oppiliappan : The Matchless Veda NaarAyaNan: part 1

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Sep 20 1998 - 19:06:42 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

With the SaraNya Dampathi's blessings , I plan to leave for 
a very short trip to India on October 7 to particpate in 
two of the AbharaNa SamarpaNam celebrations organized by 
the GodhA priyA Committee of Chennai .Many of you have taken 
part in supporting their Kaimkaryams to present the MaaNickka-
Kondai , Maragatha KiLi , Gem-wstudded Jata Kothsu and the Mutthangis
for the Uthsavars , Ponnappan and Sri BhUmi Devi ThAyAr .
Thanks most sincerely for all of the assthikAs , who have 
generously supported this Kaimkaryam .Finally , it is happening !
Please let your relatives in India to join in receiving
the divya dampathi's blessings on this auspicious occasion 
scheduled for October 11 .

In addition to these kaimkaryams at Oppiliappan Koil ,
the GodhA priyA committee is presenting a special
dress for Sri ANDAL 's RaaNi Sevai . A regal embroidered
PaavAdai , upper garment with semi-precious stones woven
into the dress , a Gem-studded ottiyANam , Jatakothsu , ear rings
and the crown of a queen inlaid with pearls and semi-precious 
stones , two dhiNdus , a green parrot stitched in green 
velvet , two blue sandals are part of the RaaNI sEvai .
This is similar to the RaaNi sevai dress that RaaNi
MangammaL of Pandya Kingdom presented once to Sri Andal
at Sri VillipputthUr divya desam  . 

My plans with the divya dampathi's blessings are to
go striaght to SrivillipputthUr after the flight from 
New York on  October 9 and reach Sri VilliputthUr on 
PurattAsi SravaNam day ( October 10)  and get 
Sri RangamannAr SamEtha Sri ANDAL's blessings .

After presenting the special AbharaNam for Sri ANDAL ,
I will rush to Oppiliappan Sanndhi the same evening 
to have the darsana soubhAgyam of SravaNa VenkatEsan
on this last SravaNam day of PurattAsi , stay overnight there
and particpate in the Swami Desikan 's uthsavamm conclusion
on Sep 12 . On Sunday ,October 11 , we plan to have 
a major thirumanjanam for the Moolavar and
Uthsavar and bring the uthsavars by hand carriage
( KaitthaLam ) to the Kodi mantapam and present the 
Mutthangi and MaaNickka Kondai there and release 
the special souvenir for the occasion .Next day ,
Veedhi PurappAdu with the Uthsavar wearing His RathnAngi 
is being planned. I will try to have a video covering
all these functions .

In the remaining two days in India , I plan to offer my 
praNAmams to Lord VaradarAjA , Lord ParthasArathy
and if time permits rush to Thirumalai and back 
to return here on October 15 .It is a very short trip 
and the bodily fatigue will be amply compensated by 
the SevA BhAgyam of our Kula Dhanams .

A souvenir will be released at Oppilaippan Koil 
with the contributions of great Sri VaishNavite Scholars 
( Dr.V.N.Vedanatha Desikan , Sri SevA Swami ,
Sri KaruNAkaran Swamy , Sri Sundara Baahu ,
Sriman Anbil Swamy , Sri PattaNNA swamy , Sri PaiyampAdi Swamy ,
Sri Sampath Rengarajan ). I have been asked to join this 
illustrious group to present an article . I am honored 
to join in this parama bhAgavatha GhOshti . 

In my next two posts , I will translate this Tamil article of 
mine for this souvenir offering my salutation to the presiding 
deity of ThiruviNNagar Divya Desam , where I was blessed to
be born under their Thiruvadi Nizhal .

Seeking your best wishes on this auspicious occasion 
and thanking all of you , who have supported the many 
Kaimkaryams so far ,

Daasan , V.Sadagopan