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Grandson of PBA Swamy

From: TAS Vijayaraghavan (
Date: Fri Sep 18 1998 - 23:08:19 PDT

srimathE raamaanNujaaya nama:

This is in connection with the name of the grandson of PBA Swamy of
Kanchi. Shri PB Anand mentioned his name as Rajasimham. Since we live in
the third house from the house of Swamy PBA( ours is 32-A, South Mada
Street) and happen to move closely with the family ( which we consider
as really blessed and fortunate) and move with the three grandsons of
Shri PBA Swamy as close friends ( i.e. sons of Shri.Chellamani Swamy who
is also managing Shri aNNaa Sannidhi in the Sannidhi street of Kanchi),
the name which Shri.PB Anand is refering to should be Shri. Rajahamsam
and not Rajasimham. He is the eldest son of Shri.Chellamani Swamy and
the only one among the three who is into the path of Shri.PBA Swamy
while the other two are in loukeekam( as my information goes). Kindly
pardon me if this information is wrong.

adiyEn madhurakavidhaasan

thirumalai ananthaanpillai srinNivasan Vijayaraghavan