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Shri Sadagopan Donates his Music Collection to a Holy cause ! Any takers ?

From: Raja Krishnasamy (
Date: Fri Sep 18 1998 - 18:33:20 PDT

First of all let me apologize to Shri Sadagopan for the very prolonged delay
in delivering this task that I had volunteered for almost 3 months back. 

Back in July Shri Sadagopan had expressed his desire to raise money for
several noteworthy causes such as for the Shri Ranganathar Temple in Pomona,
NY, Shri BhUmidEvi samEtha shrI Uppiliappan Sannidhi and other such causes
by giving away his classical music collection to interested people and
donating the proceeds to charitable purposes.  

I volunteered to catalog and filter through his collection so that Classical
Music rasikas may derive full benefit while at the same time raising a
reasonable sum to justify the effort.  It has taken me the past 3 months to
work through a collection of upwards of 300 + tapes of an eclectic

His collection can be categorized from historical concerts by stalwarts such
as Shri Ariyakkudi Ramanuja Iyengar, Shri B. Rajam Iyer, Shri K. V.
Narayanaswamy, Shri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, etc to religious discourses
by Shri Sengalipuram Anantharama Dikshitar and his contemporaries.

I believe I am at a point where I can start publishing the catalogue of
these tapes in small amonts every day or every other day, so this community
may find the time to peruse through the collection without getting
overwhelmed.  The price on the tapes are listed against the Title.  Please
contact me if you wish to purchase any of these tapes.  While I can not make
copies of the copyrighted tapes, I am gladly willing to make copies of
personal and commercially unpublished collections of some great concerts
that I have been authorized to do.  Availability of all tapes are on a
first-come first-served basis.  The available quantities are also listed
against the title.



All checks must be drawn in favor of Mr. V. Sadagopan.  Please respond by
email to the above mentioned address and WAIT FOR CONFORMATION before
mailing your check.

Seeking the blessings of shrI bhUmidEvi samEtha shrI uppiliappan, I begin
this task today with the following recordings:

I only list some of the major songs on each recording.  If you need
additional details, please forward the individual request to the above named
email address, and I will do my best to address them.


1.  Shri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer - Concert of 1967 at the Madras Music
academy - 1 copy only (Set of Two Tapes) - $12

	mEru samAna - mAyAmAlavagowlai - shrI tyAgarAjar
	thuLasI jaga janani - sAveri - shrI tyAgarAjar
	kshINamai tiruga - mukhAri - shrI tyAgarAjar
	shlOkam in rAga mAlikai followed by vinarAdha nA manavi (ShrI Ranga
Pancharathnam) - Devagandhari - shrI tyAgarAjar

		This is the song that shrI sadagOpan ellaborated so beautifully in his
articles on shrI ranganAtha a couple of months back.  It portrays shri
kanaka-anga-kAvEri-ranga as he comes in his regal procession on the streets
of shrI rangam.

2. Shri Ariyakkudi Ramanuja Iyengar - Live Concert - 1972 - Venue Unknown -
2 copies only (Set of Two Tapes) - $12

	Begada Varnam
	EndarO mahanubhAvulu - shrI rAgam - shrI tyAgarAjar
	marivErE gathi - Ananda Bhairavi - shrI syAma sAstry
	evarani - dEvAmrutha varshini - shrI tyAgarAjar

		shrI tyAgrAjar in this song depicts not just his mastery of music, but
also the concept of shrI vaishnavism where he tells :

			What do I call you as ?
			Brahma, Vishnu or Mahesvara or just as Para Brahmam
			May be I should call you after the jIva svara in the nA-rA-yaNa manthram
(rA) (ashtAksharam)
			And the jiva svaram in the panchAkshara manthram na-ma-shivAya (ma) put
			Is'nt that what the learned scholars of ages have always called you as -
shrI rAmA ?
			Isn't that what you are - the essence of all creation ?				

	mArubalga - shrI ranjini - shrI tyAgarAjar
	nidhichAla sukhamA - kalyANi - shrI tyAgarAjar
	Azhi mazhai kaNNA - Varali - shrI ANdAL

3.  Shri B. Rajam Iyer - Live Concert - Copyrighted - Original Copy Only -
Set of Two tapes - $12

	kAnadA VarNam
	SAdinchanE - AraBhi
	AmbA Nannu - thOdi
	Saragunapalimpa - kedAragowlai
	SeshachalanAyakam - varALi
	rAgam thAnam pallavi - bEgadA
	Oruthi maganAi piranthu - Behag (thiruppAvai)

4.  shrI kOteesvara iyer's krithis on the 72 mELakarthA rAgams - sung by
shrI S. Rajam Iyer - Original Copyrighted Tapes - Set of 10 Tapes - $50 for
the complete set

More to come !

Cheers and Regards,

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