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Prathivadi Bhayankaram...

From: PB ANAND (
Date: Fri Sep 18 1998 - 12:35:46 PDT

Dear Bhagvathas

At the risk of boring some of you, I just want to add one 
more infor. regarding Prathivadi bhayankaram Anna (the 
moolapurusha of PB family and a disciple of Manavala 
mamuni). The portion of sathumurai starting from

'seyyatamarai thalinai vazhiye...
 ....manvalamamuniye innum oru nootrandirum'

is also given to us by PB Anna.

Also, our dear Badrinarayan swamy 
mentioned in an e-mail to me 
regarding the great kainkaryam 
that the grand son of Kanchi PB 
Annangaracharya swamy (not of 
14th century but of this 
century). Needless to say, the 
Kanchi PBA swamy is considered to 
be a reincarnation of the PB 
moolapurusha himself. Kanchi PBA 
swamy was a great scholar and 
philosopher who could speak 
flawlessly and fluently in more 
than four languages. He has 
written several hundred books on 
visishtadvaita. His grandson 
Rajasimham is a scholar in his 
own merit and more than that a 
personification of humility that 
an ideal srivaishnava should 

I may be forgiven for 
supplementing this information.

PB Anand